Is It Bad If A Married Man Cooks For The Family?

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Is It Bad If A Married Man Cooks For The Family?

Hey guys, what's up? I was at my uncle's place today with my mum, I noticed his wife complained about something bitterly because they had a private chat and it was so unlike her. After the whole visiting, I asked my mother what was wrong and she told me that my uncle cooks his own food all the time and even does his laundry alone and his wife doesn't like it, and although she's been complaining for over 5 years but he doesn't seem to change. I asked for my mum's opinion and she said she'd be totally uncomfortable if her husband doesn't eat her food year to year, same with my babe. Is it wrong for a married man to cook his own food?

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Nothing is wrong with that if you're the type that's liberal. But it's a shame for woman to just look on while her husband does the cooking. It is actually fun when both cooks together

Is It Bad If A Married Man Cooks For The Family?

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It's all shades of wrong. He's bringing discord in the marriage by cooking his meals separately.

What your uncle is doing can only mean two things. it's either he feels the wife cannot cook very well or he doesn't trust her; like she's going to poison him and that is a very bad impression he's giving about her.

Why marry and not eat your wife's food for five years?

Are they having any misunderstanding?

There must be an unresolved issue somewhere none of them is telling you and your Mom.

That your uncle is wicked. He's just punishing the woman.

If I'll advise her, let her Stop bothering about him. He's not worth it.

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Women and their numerous wahala.

You cook, wahala

You no cook, wahala.

Wetin women want?

But I seriously doubt if your uncle's wife knows how to cook

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There's something wrong with the arrangement and the wife is genuinely bothered.

It's either she doesn't cook well and the husband can't enjoy her food or he's a man who is only satisfied with what he makes.

Either way,it makes the partner unsatisfied.

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