Is ICAN Now Overrated In Nigeria?

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Is ICAN Now Overrated In Nigeria?

Good day fellas!! Early this morning I log into my LinkedIn account and on my newsfeed I saw series of congratulatory messages and inspiring quotes from peeps to others whose results that just got released for The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, simply known as ICAN. Although, I was happy for them, at least it’s time to enjoy the reward of their handwork and investment paid off. But, while on this, my mind was troubled not for bad reasons though, but in that the number of graduating chartered accountant are way high in there numbers and some student still in school are veering to get chartered as well. With this in mind I began to question myself if ICAN as it is today is still worth it or just overrated given the basic law of demand and supply. There are more chartered accountant plunging into the system with few but highly competitive job around. what does the future hold for this people? Conversely, I began to notice that most people who became chartered and those who are one day looking forward to be one are doing for The grams. To feel among, to feel accomplished on papers, to impress friends and family that they are smart as most saw that only a genius can pass the exam according to them. The craze to feel counted and ego boosted(not all though) has made the profession too saturated leading most accountant unemployed or underpaid(the ones who saw it as their career life goals). With this in mind is the ICAN journey a worthy to embark on(for who who are yet to, myself inclusive) or is it just overrated. Please on the level of difficulty attached to the exam how true is it. For those who has written, I have seen and come across peeps who brag about its difficulty in a bid to make themselves special and downplay the efforts of others who had failed in the exam. This is particularly common among the current crop of ACA. Is there a secret or special kind of strategy and approach one need to know or failed to know that makes the ICAN look as if it’s only surmountable by the genius alone.

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No knowledge is over rated, no certificate is over rated.

If you think certificate is over rated go and see what our olodo Politicians are going through to get certificate like Buhari and Adeleke.

On a more serious note, go and get a master's degree in Business Administration or Economics while you get you ICAN side by side.

Powerful Artificial intelligence softwares are taking over Accounting Profession slowly and you need to display more competence in business world to get a job.

Take a look at QuickBooks packages, there is no accounting for small business that it can't handle.

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Nigeria itself is over rated....

Everyone is just searching for personal Ego with the believe of he go better one day....

Bad enough, The ogas at the top have consumed the glories of their unborn generation through corruption. Imagine Accountant General of federation stole ₦80 billion.


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ICAN is not overrated my brother. While there are gifted/ genius who successfully qualified in two diets, a lot of peeps like me spent 4yrs(8diets) to achieve same feat.

I am not where I want to be yet, but I won't be where I am today if I have not qualified as a Chartered Accountant 2yrs ago.

Today, I discuss with State Governor, Commissioners and Men of Substance because of ICAN certificate in my kitty.

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Chattered Accountant in a scattered country.

I pity the future of these ones because this is just mere paper certificate to pepper friends and family. 

This same Scattered accountant will again start looking for jobs where there is none and afterwards blame the incoming President for their failed journey. 

The craze for “tech jobs” flying around is even more ridiculous to me..


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In a sense, some people might argue that ICAN is overrated because of technology in another sense it is a river of opportunity for those who have ICAN skills because they can leverage on technology to create great products that solve our daily problems.

On a more realistic note. ICAN is never overrated . I’m a qualified member. I qualified two years ago but I did my induction last month after meeting the 36 months of experience for accounting graduate . I’m the 3rd person in my family to hold such certification and it’s not ending there as I’m currently preparing for CISA & CIA exams. What will make you stand out despite having ICAN is continuous personal development . You need to keep abreast with latest in the industry. Up skilling and up skilling is a must . 

Despite the number of people that keeps writing and passing ICAN exams,we don’t have up 70k ACAs in this country . Even before my induction this year ,I got over 4 mouth watering offers that I have to sit down and pick the best and turn down the rest . I still got a call from the head of Internal audit of one of those firm asking me if I would still love to join them if they review the benefits upward.

As a young ACA ,the opportunities are quite enormous if only you see the bigger picture . I have friends that have gotten a good job in Uk,Canada,Us and Netherlands just because of their experience and ACA. They got relocated and the companies paid for their visa and flight including their immediate family . 

People that don’t have such certificate see it as nothing but people that have such see it as something because they know what it takes to have ACA at the back of your name . You can’t work in the big 4 like PwC,Deloitte,Kpmg and EY without having to back up your first degree certificate with a professional certification like ICAN/ACCA.

ICAN exam is never easy but with the right preparation and mind set you’ll surely pass if you know what you are doing . My little bro recently wrote 5 papers in skills level of the exam and passed 4 and he’s on his way completing the rest of his papers . 

Cheers to your success !

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