In 2003 Igbos Rejected Ojukwu Of APGA And Voted For Olusegun Obasanjo. I Wouldn't Say I Like Tinubu Today. Can Yoruba People Agree With Me?

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The Tinubu and APC want to make the Tinubu presidential plan as if it's a Yoruba Ethnic schedule, but that is not true.

The Yoruba People have one of the brightest minds and most accomplished people in Africa. Yoruba People are the first to experience western civilization in Nigeria.

Some of the Popular Yoruba great minds are

  1. Adebayo "Bayo" O. Ogunlesi- former head of global investment in credit first Boston

  1. Tajudeen Afolabi Adeola- Founder of GTBank

  1. Funke Opeke- founder of Mainonr cable west Africa

  1. Oyekunle Ayinde "Kunle" Olukotun is a computer scientist who is a Cadence Design Systems Professor at the Stanford School of Engineering.

The list is Endless

If 2023 is about Yoruba National Agenda, Surely my People, Tinubu is not the best the Yoruba Race can put forward.

Tinubu, no doubt, may be a good man, but his time is fast past. He is old, sick, and weak. Nigeria needs desperate change for good.

Tinubu, if he wanted a Yoruba plan, should have supported a young, vibrant, and qualified Yoruba person.

Tinubu's agenda is Personal to him; we hate and reject Tinubu has nothing to do with hatred for Yoruba.

In 2019 the Igbos rejected Buhari but voted for another Fulani Northerner, Atiku Abubakar.

In 2003 we Igbos Rejected Ojukwu of APGA and Voted for Olusegun Obasanjo.

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Complete rubbish from a pito-obi urchin

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It's good to get the sincere views of other Nigerians. Tinubu is a Tinubu Agenda to fulfill the Life ambition of Tinubu, he is rich and wealthy already, it's just lust for power nothing else. But He is trying to paint it as a Yoruba Agenda, Osibanjo stands a better chance to win our support We may only complain about injustice but no personal attack against the person of Osibanjo


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Tinubu Presidency is about Tinubu's self-aggrandizing let nobody blackmail you that it's a Yoruba Agenda.

The truth remains that Tinubu should have supported Younger Osibanjo in APC, it would have been more difficult for any of us to launch a personal attack against Osibanjo we may only hold him partially responsible for Buhari's failures.

But Tinubu is just an old bag of controversial and dirty linens.

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