If You Are The President Of Nigeria, How Exactly Will You Fight Unemployment

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From how things are in the country, everyone will agree that unemployment is our primary concern as a country. Granted, somehow, you become the president of Nigeria; how exactly will you solve the issue? Please do not say the world enabling environment without expounding on what it means. Again do not say, "they should, ".. because you are now the president, and Remember, you must create at least 10 million jobs in 8 years. Let's take center stage. Please keep it coming, guys!

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The solution is to restructure. If anyone is not considering restructuring to move us to a producing country, please don't waste people's time. The current system does not reward or incentivize innovation. Most of the states in Nigeria are not doing anything. They are not viable so that the conditions can be productive -their wealth is being shared with others who do nothing and do not want to exploit their human and natural resources.

This cannot be. In my opinion, we need to restructure Nigeria into six regions/development centers (in other of economic strength and innovation -SW, SS, SE, NW, NC, NE), and the areas that produce more will get most of their wealth back-revenues. That way, you are rewarding hard work and discouraging laziness. In the regions that don't have enough to stand, like NC and NE, the government should assist them by investing in these areas. They must look for what they can produce on an industrial scale).

Also, we must learn to think. Agriculture is good, but if we want to drag people from poverty, Technology/Manufacturing is the way forward. Take a look at the whole of west Africa; we are all into agriculture( let us leave subsistence farming for other African countries-let the place like NW-mechanize their agriculture); what we need is to focus on Tech and manufacturing (from cars, tractors, shoes, equipment, agro-processing)-we are the largest English speaking country in Africa.

We are located at the trigger of Africa on the map. However, our foreign policy is too docile; we follow the west and do not court others; if the west wants our support, then we will only trade it with substantial financial inputs. Else, we stay neutral and court others- This conflict is a gold mine; to play your cards to both the west and china/Russia axis.

This is what even the Saudis and Indians are doing, but our docile Buhari criticized Russia for what? His continued medical tourism to the UK? For us to crack Tech and manufacturing, part of the subsidy removal money should flow into our educational institutions & support our industries. Each tech/manufacturing facility should be tied to an institution of higher learning(they will be the problem solvers for the industry's operational problems)-This must be done on purpose.

We have a diaspora of unparalleled intelligence; our embassies should earn their money and invite them., maybe have them visit Nigeria and give us directions; once they see we are serious, they could pioneer new industries.

We need to professionalize/train and standardize our artisans; this should be part of the subsidy removal money. Our mechanics, police, builders, welders, and plumbers do things faster and with super quality (good soup na money cause am). We, then, have to protect our industries and people.

Dangote is building a refinery and importing foreigners, Indians, that should not be so; no matter how rich billionaires Indians are in their country, they cannot bring low-paid foreigners to work in their country; why are we allowing Dangote and others to do such? I can go on.

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1. Bring in investors to create a stable power supply.

2. Give incentives to Nigerians who will produce what we consume (full-scale industrialization). We need to be the economic powerhouse of Africa.

3. Create a welfare policy and plan for poor Nigerians. We will start with children in the first four years.

4. All artisans must get licensing fees and retrain by specialized govt agencies.

5. We will create job Centres in every local govt to match Jobs with skills, retrain and counsel Nigerians.

6. Educational centers need to be upgraded to World standards. We will create trust funds that Nigerians can donate to community projects.

7. Youths between 18-30 must go on compulsory military training.

8. Students in all learning institutions shall be requested to develop innovations yearly. The “theme” of such innovations will vary from Year to Year.

9. Ensure security of lives and properties. Each region shall have a forum where they meet to discuss challenges and propose possible solutions every month.

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Like this picture below, lol; all Nigerian forming genius will bypass this topic; the only we know it is to criticize and tell all of us to bring a solution. Everybody will go mute. So easier than done, but for me, I will give Nigeria stable electricity and secure lives and properties, then leave for another person to come and fix what he feels is next

If You Are The President Of Nigeria, How Exactly Will You Fight Unemployment

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What I wi will Do to tackle Unemployment As a Nigerian President.

As a president,I will encourage jobcreation.

I will recognise Talents and Ideas that could be turned into business,channel fund towards them and provide enabling environment to the growth of these business.

Part of my effort will be to have as many made in NIGERIA goods and services that can be exported as a means of earning more foreign exchange and so build Nigerian Currency.

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As for the power sector, if not for corruption, we won't be where we are today; solar is a good alternative. Take the North with its rich sunlight, for instance; it can make a difference to our power sector if our leaders want to tap into that potential. As for production, we need an enabling environment in which constant power is one of them.

FG can also empower farmers, support indigenous products, and invest in Agriculture on a large scale. Engage with belt-tightening security measures because Nigerians are stubborn. So we need a very diplomatically uncompromising leader to achieve this. A case of "if you do anyhow, you see anyhow." I believe the current leaders are still handling security issues with a kid's glove.

When you over-pamper a child, that child will one day wake you up with a hard knock on the head.


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This is a no-brainer.

Firstly, from the point of view of the investor, no investor will want to come to Nigeria. With a history of policy flip-flops, the price of electricity does not cost reflective, coupled with the laws of generating, transmitting, and distributing are not streamlined.

The kind of investors one is talking about is the GE & Siemens type, as they have the financial muscles for this. From the point of view of the populace, they have gotten high bills from NEPA(PHCN) with no corresponding power being given, coupled with that that the purchasing power of the populace has been eroded by the gross mismanagement of the Buhari administration. So, there are no amicable solutions, nor are they easy.

However, the first we must safeguard is the investor. Nigeria does not have the money needed to upscale the power gradually so people can feel it; besides, there is a gulf of mistrust among the citizens. Another option is to Borrow, but we all have lousy past results, and this will likely not be an easy sell, nor will it sail through.

I wrote the above in capital because that is the starting point. The following is needed: First, we need to make laws that make it possible for states or regions (I believe we should go back to 6 areas) to generate, transmit and distribute without going to the national grid.

Also, we have to accept that fingers are not equal. Some places will get electricity running quicker than others, where investors know they can get massive ROI because investing in a junk status country like Nigeria is a risk. So, places like Lagos, P/H, Abuja, and Abeokuta/Otta might see investments first. Government must be willing to allow this.

We must give the investors a free hand, like GE or Siemens, so they have control of the whole value chain from generating to distributing to homes, with cost-reflective prices. If more pipelines need to be built in these places, so be it. So, to facilitate this, you must have a one-stop shop for this. Call it whatever, but this place must be run like a Project Management Office (PMO), and they have the ears of the president.

This brings me back to another thing. Anyone who enters that has political capital should be quick. Fully deregulate the fuel and electricity, and the subsidy pours into something people can feel; more on that later. Such a person should be priming the people, and once he has his cabinet (not like Buhari after six months, but any severe person, should form his cabinet within 7 to 14 days, for they must hit the ground running). Deregulate quickly, say one month after taking power.

A serious government would have had discussions before office, but it won't be easy!!!

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