I Will Never Again Date Women Below 27 Years Old. Here's Why

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If you’re in your 30s as a man please avoid anyone below the age I just described. They are still in their “I am the wicked, I am the nicki Minaj bad bitch” phase in life. They have zero brain most times and they only want to wear big polo and dance “mofejoko” on TikTok while collecting daily, weekly salary from you for giving you the privilege of dating the “queeen nicki Barbie”. If you are bored of just empty sexxxx and want anything genuine and real, search for older women if they even have a kid out of wedlock even better. Those ones are very mature, understanding and down to earth most times. They have finished their “nicki Minaj bad bitch Barbie” phase and are genuinely humbled with their age and are ready if they see you’re hardworking and serious. Those young ones are just starting life and have no real experience yet, they are extremely dramatic and attention seeking while having the mentality that the world revolves around their arse and boobs and they feel entitled to every mans attention and adoration. If you’re young as a woman don’t even bother to like me please , because I will not only see you as a toddler I will even buy you cracker biscuits and Fanta to make you go play in the rain as the baby that you are. Mature women don’t hide their feelings or play too much games, they go straight to the point.

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Who broke your heart? I meet one that's 28....her main goal is to get into Nollywood that's what matters to her now

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OP abeg shift!

My girlfriend is not even close to that age you mentioned yet she acts like a matured woman. Age is not maturity...... Because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for others.

Those "evening newspapers" most times don't truly love you, they settle down with you outa desperation and not love.

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