I Will Be Getting Married In 3 Weeks Time But I'm Not Happy. I'm Getting Married But I'm Already Thinking Of Divorce.

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He was once fun but a lot has changed about him. I'm getting married to a man who has beaten me two different times. He is heartless and doesn't know how to love and treat a woman right. He is a man who does not have a mind of his own

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.. see, broken relationship/courtship is better than a broken marriage.. u want to get married to someone that beats u? My sister, do not.. I say DO NOT! Do not make such a terrible mistake u will regret for life.. break that relationship now and be ready to face whatsoever consequences that comes afterwards

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Talk to your husband to be about it

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Also pray over it

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Please walk out now you have legs

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I pity you. I know who you are from another platform. You can't stand the shame of calling off a wedding? I hope you will be able to stand the 'shame' and pain of divorce after 3 kids?

You asked this same question multiple times on another platform and you were talking about how this monster wanting to kill you just a few weeks to your wedding. You decided to plan your future with him. What do we call this now? Zero/dead self-esteem? Desperation? Abi na strong d**k wan make you sign your death certificate?

Another one who wants to bear the MRS title by all means.

This is something you said on another platform and I quote; “I can't spend another night with this monster. I don't know how to face people tomorrow about how I come about a swollen face. The sound of my cry begging him not to kill me still echoes in my head.”

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Mennnnnnnn, marriage as a union is something that ought to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Sometimes, most of una dey reason about wetin the society go talk if una take any action about una lives. But, you dey fail to reason say anyhow e be, if you fail to succeed for that marriage tomorrow, na the same society go still talk say you see the red flags from the beginning but you still put head. Abeg reason this matter well with your open eyes.

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Congratulations you are among the few people who know the date of their death before death actually comes. how can you see death trap and walk into it all because of what people will say?. If you love your life, call your parent and narrate the issue to them, they will arrange a meeting with the man and his family and call off the death trap (marriage) you are about walking into if he cannot sign an agreement never to lay his hands on you again. Your family will prefer you single and alive than married but dead. If you marry him and he beats you to death, the next day he will go and mess another woman up, and another woman will take your place in the hell of beatings. Rescue yourself and other women. This is harsh though but pardon me I don't know how to talk.

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Broken relationship is much better than broken home.there is still time, you just said he is heartless, how do you intend to cope all the rest of your years, what will your home and life look like???

Why marrying someone you are already thinking of divorcing???, my dear don't make that mistake.

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Don't ever risk it. He will never change and even get worse. Looks like you are allowing him to be abusive at you. Stop the marriage and bring up this conversation with him and request for more time to see if he will change or become the person he was when you guys first met. Na by force ni? Let your parents know now. It's better to be alive single than be dead untimely because of marriage. Do a google search on how marriages like this end.

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Cancel the wedding for your life sake. On the day of the wedding travel to a friend's place and stay or take a mini vacation with your friends. Call off the wedding on grounds of being beaten. If it is true then you are going into self murder.

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