I Went To My Ex Girlfriend's Wedding And This Is What I Did

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Good evening guys went to my ex wedding yesterday and I saw how happy her husband was I danced to congratulate them. As soon I shook hands with my ex I remembered those nights she will beg me to sex her. I remembered the styles I used her to learn. I remembered how she gave me bj. I remembered how I use to smack her ass during a doggy. I remembered the countless time we did it anyhow then I burst into laughter. The husband was impressed and taught my laughter was joy for them. He thanked me after I shook his hands and my ex shook her head towards the ground. I want to tender my apology for falling the wife breast drastically and the pussy that I handled with aggression. I tender my apology to the unborn children for the breast I have sucked beyond repair. I am sorry they should forgive me.

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Dont worry, your future wife is still doing prostitution in her time, by the time u guyz get married she will bring you well of waters. whatever a man sow he will reap.

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it is a small world. your wife is busy being banged by another man. it is a cycle. Apologize to yourself because you are going to marry fairly used like that too, what goes around comes around

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oh **** This Comment Apexed my Day Give This babe a Crate of Goldberg and a plate of Snake Pepper soup. Vawulence is best deserved Hot!


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ChildrenLast activity one month ago

Bro, on your wedding day too, that how your wife's ex is gonna be reasoning while shaking your hands.

As I'm typing now, your future wife is receiving a huge black stallion cork in a doggy style position right now.

That's why I always advice guys to marry a virgin.

I Went To My Ex Girlfriend's Wedding And This Is What I Did

ChildrenLast activity one month ago

Apologies accepted on behalf of the husband and unborn children. go and sin no more. please don't fall another lady's breast and widen her pussy, if you know that you will not wife her.

ChildrenLast activity one month ago

As if she didn't banged you too. You are a sore looser accept your fate. The lady you want to Marry, do you know how many people have **** her? You never sabi anything lol

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