I Think I Am In A Relationship With A Big Manipulative Woman

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I Think I Am In A Relationship With A Big Manipulative Woman

Currently am in a tight spot, have been dating a lady I met during a trip, after a month, we started chatting and I went to visit her, things were smooth until we have a child, now she's different The thing am surprised about her is I don't know her family background, only believed what she told me, she's from Auchi and Orogun and the mother lives in Ondo, we have issues I had to move out of my own house for her, the problem is I'm thinking she has children outside, she's always 28 every year, am thinking she's close to 40, why lie about age and many more. Reasons am baffled, her mother isn't showing any concern. She has lots of brothers She always calls me a small boy She doesn't even care now, even if I die Problems:- I have invested on this relationship emotionally, physically and even more, Is she from Benin? She lied too, she has turned my people against me, right now no one reason me seriously again, because everyone is telling me she's a club girl and I need to leave her, she just laughs and blocks anytime I called her, people are telling me she might have built a house with my money elsewhere. Am shocked this is happening to me.

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another simp lol , no dey invest for women head ,men no they hear word ,stop investing in women! except na your mother sister or daughter, this bitches don give a fuq about you ,cry more loser

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Baba you need to quit the relationship too. There is nothing else remaining except you want to keep beating around the bush. Might be difficult but no choice.

If you believe the child is yours then you can finalise agreements with her and her mum on upkeep and future (schooling etc) for the child. Afterwards stop giving her money or communicating with her and move on. Explain the situations to your own people so that they can rally round you and you can find strength in their encouragement.

If you have any valuable property with her, you can discuss also the repossession of what you feel is rightfully yours. I dont think there is any point of applying force or police to retrieve items especially if they aren't very much valuable. Otherwise I'll leave the discretion to you on what to do.

You may have wasted these years investing emotionally and financially but you are still young and can still pick yourself up. Look towards the future baba. Better times ahead and better luck in your next relationship.


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I am not shocked this happened to you. You married or hooked yourself up with someone without knowing Her background. Her people, are origin, her friends. Where you guys in a cave , or in the wilderness?

I am shocked you don’t know exactly what to do. So because you have invested so much in the relationship you want to hold on to invest even more of your peace of mind, mental health and self esteem in what is obviously a toxic union.

Better come to your senses and get the hell out of there to start rebuilding your life. Just make sure you take care of your child, one way or another.

Best of luck. You’re going to need it.


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Edo woman!

And you don't even know her family background.

Just pray she doesnt die one day because, if she does, you may probably sell off all your properties to sort things out with her family. Even those that marry them properly with the consent of the family usually face hell when the woman let alone you that married their daughter "backyardly"...lol.

The case starts when you return the corpse to her family as their tradition demands.

From there the unending wahala go start and e no dey finish until you spend your last Kobo and borrow more.

With what my eyes have seen on how they treat their inlaws, I won't even advice my enemy to marry from Edo state (Especially Isha)


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Normally you should know a woman from all areas before you impregnate or wife her up. Your knowledge about her MUST NOT be based on what she told you, but your real life experience with her. At the very least, you must know her siblings, family background, parents, place of work, age, for a start.

Relationship/marriage is a place that men bears most of the liability, same way women does with pregnancy. Men usually will lie to get into a woman's pant, and it's the responsibility of a woman to protect herself. It's same for men. A woman will lie to make you ring her, and it's your responsibility to not allow yourself be used.

Now you've entered, but you won't be in this dilemma if you did the right thing from the onset. So before you blame her, I want you to reflect on where you've gone wrong. It takes two to play and it's seems like she is on top of her game, while you're not.

Don't be naive bro. I just want to point out the foundational problems that lead you to this mess, and I hope you won't repeat it again if you overcome this.


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ok, here lies your problem- you left massive gaps in your intro that i don’t know the “whatever” and “however” of the gist - your story, unfortunately is laced with nuggets, aimed at drawing sympathy to you while absolving you of any blame - that is why these gaps are so evident - but few things are certain here- you had bouts of unprotected sex with someone you barely know, the pv ss y got you real bad that you became addicted to it and became impervious to reasoning thereby alienating your friends and family and you can’t help yourself because you know you ain’t man enough to leave a manipulative woman with a honey well in between her thighs, and you are so desperate to drag members of the public into your business which is drama saturated.

my brother, please carry your own cross, let her nail you to it so that at least future generations can read about your crucifixion story and learn lessons of life because regardless of whatever anyone tells you here, you will never learn- your case is a lost one, God bless you!

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This one is a finished simp. Hypergamy might be too brutal for your understanding.

You're the beta she wants to discard, after milking and using you to waste time.

"If children are your priority, and you want to be the best Red Pill aware, positively masculine influence you can hope to be for them, it is vitally important you coldly and dissociatively vet any woman you believe might be a candidate for being the mother of your kids." - RM

"Most men never vet women for anything like long term acceptability." - Rational Male

"This man never gives himself permission to vet a woman and follows along with most of the preestablished feminine social conventions that would shame a man for ever being so bold as to believe a woman ought to make herself suitable for any man." - Book 3, Positive Masculinity

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Quick questions;

1.What exactly do you have against her? Asides asking to rent 2 bedsitters, what else are the things you think she is doing wrong?

2. What does she have against you? What are the things she has generally complained about you or the reasons she reported you to vigilante and wants to evict you?

3. Is she done with the relationship? Like is she asking both of you to part ways? What about you are you done or still interested?

4. When you say she is not traceable, I thought you knew her mum's residence? Or don't you?

5. Regarding her age, I understand your doubts but then since you made reference to her brothers, can you wisely find out from any of them the contact of an elderly uncle or man in there family? You can go and see him confidentially and express your concern about the age thing and others. You will make it seem like you wanted to know the truth as you want to proceed with marriage rites (I assume you haven't already done this?) The man will tell you all the truth.

Let's start from answering these questions bro. Your posts seem disjointed but answering these questions will put an order to it and make it more comprehensive, then I and others can accurately advise you based on experience.

Hoping to hear back from you.


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So, what help do you need now? Ur story is kinda funny. Did u say u have to leave your house??

What i dont get is how people get this weak

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OP, there are a lot of details missing in this story that strangers on the internet cannot help you parse through. The only person who can give you the answers you seek is your partner/mother of your child. You need to sit down and have an honest conversation with her. Address your concerns but avoid making baseless accusations (because all I've read are suspicions and not confirmations).

Keep your questions open-ended and your voice neutral so it does not seem like you're coming from a judgmental place. Tell her that honesty is the foundation of any relationship, that's all you're seeking, and she should be open with you about her life, especially since you both are permanently tied to each other because of your child. Good luck.

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