I Feel Like I Am Stuck Alone In This Relationship. I Wish He Will Open Up To Me And Tell Me What I Was Doing Wrong So That I Could Adjust Or Move On


There is this guy, we dated for 2 years before he traveled abroad (Italy) 2019. Our relationship was going on well even when he traveled out, we were always calling each other on video calls everyday. I was so faithful to him. Suddenly (last year March), he started avoiding me. He could go for months before he replies my calls or chats. At least no matter how busy you are, you can always spare 1 minutes of your time with the person you claim you love. Please note, he's always online, We do video calls mostly on WhatsApp and anytime I try to reach him on video call or send him a message.... it always ring and deliver but he won't pick or reply. Here are my reasons why I'm so confused whether to move on with my life or not. 1) Although before he started avoiding my calls, he told me he was busy... that he was working on something (but he never disclosed the particular "thing" to me) 2) We were supposed to get married as planned last year August. But this is May 2022 and absolutely nothing is in progress about it. 3)I discussed with his friend about it and he told me he's in a relationships over there. (I don't know if to believe him or not, because he didn't show me proof) Now, it been a year I'm enduring his character. I feel like I'm stuck alone in this relationship. Heaven knows I haven't offended him in any way. I wish he could open up to me and tell me what I was doing wrong so that I could adjust. OR he should just tell me he's in a relationship so that I could move on. I plan visiting his elder sister this weekend and explain to her the issue on ground but on a second thought I think I'm too forward. I'm just confused and I feel hurt.

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9 days ago

Speak to him privately, that guy is either playing games with you or is no longer interested in you.

I am a guy and let me tell you a bitter Truth, that boyfriend of yours might be playing on your intelligence, do not waste your time on a guy that has found another lover.

He can't be too busy to the extent that he won't have a proper time for you, no excuse for that.

If there is anything that captivate my attention in this post the part you said he would be online and still won't reply your chat or pick your calls.

All I can say to you at this junction, is that you deserve better. You deserve happiness too.

It seem like you are the only one still in that relationship...

Aunty move on. Accept that you have just received your breakfast and move on. If he were yours he would have stayed faithful. Some of us also distance relationship for years and the relationship culminated in wedding. Next time don't be in a hurry to get emotionally or sexually attached to any man no matter how nice he seems. This is to ensure that when you discover he is not meant for you you can easily move on with little stress...


9 days ago

Madam, are you waiting for prophet Elijah to tell you that your man is fvcking a white woman's pussy in Italy just to secure his permanent stay??

Your guy has moved on, the street is not funny, your man is in search for a better life and he's ready to settle down with a white woman for green card... Biko move on with your life Dear. I be guyman and I must tell you the truth.

This is the reason why I don't cherish long distance relationships. Since there's lack of communication from his end. I think you should move on. I know it's hard but trust me you won't regret your move. Communication is the key, No matter the situation he's going through. My sister you better move on, otherwise you'll keep waiting for years and he won't show up.

The sign is clearly on the wall. Unfortunately he has chosen to move on with his life, hence him ignoring your messages. In all fairness he might be facing tough challenges in a foreign country, but the lifeblood of a long distance relationship is communication, and he has not availed himself to that.

The relationship is not just comatose, it is dead. Please move on and don't waste any more time on him. You deserve better treatment than this. It will not be easy because you are clearly so much into him, but your happiness and sanity also matter. I wish you well.

Diasporan folks are designed to give hypertension. Some are normal, some are not. Your guy is obviously one of the abnormal ones. I don’t know what sign or proof you are looking for again. I like to think he has spoken loudly with his silence.

The best you can do is spell it out to him that you would be moving on. That way you don’t cheat or have any guilt on your mind. Detach yourself emotionally first. Distract yourself with work and hobbies. Slowly but surely, you would forget his existence.

That said, abroad is hard. Italy is harder.

Sometimes a man got to do what he got to do. Free the young man and free yourself too.

Never be afraid to move on.

Be prepared for anything and everything.

A carpenter in Nigeria might end up making you feel more loved and cherished, but you would never know until you heal and try again

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