I Caught My Brother’s Wife Having Sex With Another Man In Their Sitting Room

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I Caught My Brother’s Wife Having Sex With Another Man In Their Sitting Room

The Twitter user identified as @Khan_dave7 who visited his brother’s house unannounced, walked in to meet his wife cheating on him. He wrote; “So I went to visit my Brother yesterday without informing him, happens he wasn’t in town and I didn’t know. On getting to the house the door was open so I entered… I found his wife having sex with another man in their sitting room…" “She was so shocked seeing me, she has been calling me since yesterday, I’ve not been taking her calls cus don’t know what to tell her, I’m at a point where I don’t know what to do…" “Do y’all think I should tell my brother or just let it be so their family don’t fall apart, pls I need advice” Reacting to his post, some Twitter users advised him to inform his brother while some others advised him against informing his brother.

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The most foolish thing you will do is to close your mouth and watch your brother still marrying that LovePeddler . See something, say something and save a life, what if you don't say something and this LovePeddler kill your brother just to be free to be doing it. What will you say or do then?

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See the comments of Ladies there... Even if they want to advise the guy to take it easy and not to act harshly, can't they condemn the woman's act.... At least condemn the act.

Many ladies are hypocrites.. You may hear many ladies saying "men are cheats", but many of them are hypocrites...Many men show openly that they are sinners, but many ladies pretend to be good, but might be fornicating/cheating codedly and acting disciplined in public.. It is very possible that this woman caught committing adultery may be the one forcing her husband to go for church program or might be always telling him to be prayerful or might be persuading him to always be committed to God. Maybe she even bought her husband devotional or bible not long before committing that act.

Who knows the kind of bride price list that was given to the husband before marriage... Some will even have sex with maybe ex or someone before wedding day..... Maybe her husband knelt publicly to propose to her before marriage.... Maybe she was even telling her husband to be close to God before the wedding.....Maybe she was even a committed choir member

Don't be deceived with the fact that says "Women only have sex with who they love"....Many women fornicate or commit adultery because of lust, that is why a woman can sleep with dirty igboo smoker that she can never date.

You think you will fornicate up and down in your youthful days and be a faithful wife just like that...Na magic?!! Marriage does not cure addiction or sleeping around... Only God can cure it.

Finally, we have many ladies that are sex slaves. The best thing to do is to go to God for repentance and deliverance, instead of hiding under any cover, such as "I only have sex because I have feelings for him or love him"... All these sexing up and down is it feelings or lust??

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As a man don't ever listen to women's advice when it comes to relationships.

They will never give you any advice that will profit you rather it'll be to the benefit of your female partner even when they've never met her..

You can see the illustration of this simple concept in the comment of that girl asking the guy to keep quiet and sweep the matter under the rug.

You can see her blaming the innocent guy for going to his brother's house unannounced and catching his brother's wife cheating on him.

Yet not even a single condemnation of the wh*re sleeping around.

The easiest way to become foolish in life is to listen to a woman advising you on how to behave or solve problems in your relationships


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That is a bomb blast!!! But some men are demon, how dare you come and kpekus someone wife in his own house? What an audacity?

So what did you do when you caught them? Don't tell me you just walked away or let the bitch go away with his body not bleeding pls don't tell me that abeg orelse I will be upset wuth you because for his audacity I expect you to rip him apart as a lesson for him and his fellow goats.

Sorry for my rawness I have no room for diplomacy when it comes to nonsense "do nonsense around me I will teach you nonsense with no remorse".

And for that delilah daughter of bitch let me not say what is in my mind I leave that for others to commet.

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Most Nigerian ladies are whores and love peddlers. Let the guy engage the bitch on a recorded phone calls to extract more information for evidence and to protect himself from being blackmailed or framed up and proceed to tell his brother everything so that he can throw that LovePeddler to the street where she belongs.

It depends on the relationship between him and his brother, if they are those long distant family members who will not mind selling each other to a stranger, then I will advise he minds his business. But if the brother is someone he cares about, then he should tell him. Such a woman can be very desperate to protect her secret.

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You have to tell your brother because if he later find out that u knew about it all along and u didn't inform him, he might get mad at u.


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All the people telling the guy to mind his business are useless people can sore worse if in the position.

Person disrespect her husband to the extent of cheating on their matrimonial bed and all what you could say is to apportioned blae on the innocent guy who just went to see his blood brother.

Honestly speaking only 3people normal for this our generation.

Am not sure of marriage again with all this rubbish happening everytime


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Hmm so this is a tough one.

The story itself get as e be. Did the offense occur in the matrimonial bed or the living room. ? Or is the Matrimonial bed in the living room ?

Leaving my supposed inconsistency Issue aside - You shouldn't be the first to tell the story.

This is what I would do. After asking her why, how long and if there are any others ?

1. Give the offender the option to inform your brother - Let her come out and explain to the brother why , how long and how many others ?

2. May sure you are there - Do not let your brother become a murderer by either killing his wife and himself.

3. If there are kids involved have them stay with someone for a while ?

4. I would get the man's number and ask from him how long he had been dating her in order to cross stories and make sure that she is in fact telling the truth and the whole truth.

From my observations men are more prone to having extramarital affairs than women. So for a woman to do this in her own house - I'll be curious to know why. And I know a lot of women who know that their men cheat and have come to the resolve that as long as it is done outside of the house and not inside, as hurtful as it is - She is still the queen. Doesn't make it right, just saying.

Now, what would happen if we flip this story around and it was the wife's sister who caught her brother in law with another woman ?

How you answer this may be the way to address & answer the initial story.


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No female is condemning the woman's act of cheating on her husband, they're only condemning the man's act of visiting his brother unannounced...

Talk about hypocrisy...

If I were in the guys shoes, I'll pick the woman's call and then record the entire conversation and then talk to my brother, so that just in case she chooses to emotionally manipulate my brother with her tears, I'll have a very solid evidence to back things up...


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Get ready for your brother's funeral very soon, any woman who has the effrontery to Bleep another man on her matrimonial bed has already concluded on how to kill that man, the issue we have in our kindred now is a woman whose husband died and in less than 6 months she is already pregnant for another man and rumour has it that she has bn befriending the man even when the husband was alive, and said boyfriend is coming to her husband's house anytime he likes snd they openly display their romance in the presence of the in-laws.

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