I Am Interesting In Dating And Marrying A Nigerian Man So How Can African American Lady Like Me Find And Marry A Nigerian Man?

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With so many scams going on how can an African American female find a serious African man to marry. It doesn't seem like many African men are interested in marrying us. I am interesting in dating a Nigerian man and how can I find serious Nigerian men that wants to date African American women. If you show interest here, I can dm you and we can go from there. Any tips or are you interested?

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You'll have to come to the continent. You're choosing a life partner, not a boyfriend.

There are a lot of good men and bad men as it is everywhere in the world.

The cultures are very different of course. There are a lot of things AAs do that would shock an average African and vice versa.

But you have to come to the continent to make that choice when you're ready, this are things of the heart it is imperative you do it with absolute caution and an open mind.

I wish you all the best.

PS: There is also a large African community in America, the easiest place to meet African men is the churches.

So, you can explore your options there.

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Maybe there may be good Nigerian men with good intentions, but any African man wanting to marry an African American woman are just doing so for the chance of going to America.

Marrying a Nigerian girl is a 60/40 chance this days and you are talking about an African American woman that knows how to operate firearm and own it?

I Am Interesting In Dating And Marrying A Nigerian Man So How Can African American Lady Like Me Find And Marry A Nigerian Man?

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Before you consider dating and marrying an African man,

Are you willing to be submissive?, irrespective of your social and financial status.?

What you guy’s call LOVE over there, is what we African men call RESPECT over here.

Just one of the major things to consider,

Good luck out there!


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A lot of guys in the tech field would want to marry African Americans...

For myself, I won't marry a Caucasian for anything, I I mean I struggle to date Nigerian fair girls talk more of full blown Caucasian and or Blondies.

But, I will marry you if you arr serious... i am a divorced single Father of 1.... and i am ready if you are q good woman... i dont need your money or anything and we will both stay and live in Nigeria Lagos to be precise or we go back to my village

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I don’t blame her. If not for the bad leaders in Africa, why should any African man think of marrying an African American who is probably:

1. Lazy to work and on various government schemes like EBT, unemployment

2. Very rude, impatient and dangerous (could burn ur car, docs or even use a firearm on you)

3. Loves eating only cheese, and other unhealthy “burgers”, they consider our spicy goat/catfish peppersoup as nasty.

4. Can not cook shit.

5. Will call the police on you at will and may land a child support case on your head.

6. Again very rude and have no culture, hence will disrespect your gentle parents.

If u don’t wanna kill your parents, don’t marry an African American.

I’d rather marry from another African country than settle with any African American.

Not sorry!

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Go to Nigeria Churches in your state of residence, please avoid RCCG. It is like a secret cult there.

Be a member and join the choir or any unit..

Speak to the pastor in charge...probably the pastor wife...and let her know what you looking for... We have hundreds of Nigerian or African men in those church also looking for a good wife to settle with...

The church will not choose for you, but they can guild you on who to marry with advice and and prayer...


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