Help! I Just Got My Colleague At Work Pregnant

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Hey guys, I just found out my colleague at work iv been sleeping with is pregnant. We were'nt dating tho we were just having fun together. We both came into the organization the same time and we earn very well like well above 500k per month. I'm 33 and she's 28. Shes having double mind about it and thinking of abortion but I told her No. Her reason is what will our colleagues say and how her family will react to her being pregnant out of wedlock. The issue is she's from calabar and I'm from anambra. I'm the only son of my parents. Iv not told my folks yet but they definately would prefer me to marry an igbo girl. Also guys, we have started talking marriage plans but now that she's pregnant can the church wed us? or should I just do Traditional and court then after the baby is born I do white wedding Time is ticking oo.

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Since she was good for you for having sex she should be good for you for marriage. Your folks didn't check her ethnic background when it was about fun now marriage have entered, just pay her bride price,do traditional marriage, wait after she must have given to birth you do the church wedding.

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Marry her if u love her.. otherwise take care of her and her baby and make sure u do everything in ur ability to father the child.. all the best bro 🙌

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Dont marry her bro

Don't marry her

From the kind of news we see here every day on paternity fraud, I've come to the conclusion that, in this generation, a child has no father until he is born and DNA test done

What if the child is your boss' or another colleague's. Oh, you think you are the only one enjoying the cookies? Let me tell you now, kpekus is an accommodating bottomless pit. E no dey discriminate.

Wait and do DNA. You'd be surprised when the child is born, he will look like the security guy

Office romance gone sour

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Very true

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Congratulations, Op.

If you allow her to abort the baby, you will regret it for almost all your life. And please, don't marry her because she is pregnant for you. Marry her if you believe she has what you want in a woman, irrespective of her tribe.

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First of all, irrespective of what people will say, marry her and make sure you do the needful, both traditional welding and church welding, go to registery. If you do that, later in the company, people will really Respec you both.... The management will support you guys.... But if you just leave her... The lady will never be happy with you and if you are sure you are the owner, you will regret it.... Many better opportunities ahead of you both.... Ire oo!

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Una dey fvck out of wedlock but una no wor give birth out of wedlock?

Well, op, honestly, you no suppose to dey reason this thing as a big wahala, considering the kind of person wey you be.... Unless you're just considering una tribal differences and what your other colleagues at work go talk undecided

Well, nothing too concern me cha....... All na opportunity to reproduce. It may only come but once on either side.

Help! I Just Got My Colleague At Work Pregnant

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Marry her whichever way ASAP.

NB: We need invite for wedding and naming ceremony.

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But where una dey see this work abeg .500k and above @28yrs. shocked....hmm possible LOCAL CONTENT, NLNG, EXXON MOBIL, SHELL, CHEVRON ...etc

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