Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

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As shared by Journalist, Oseni Rufai.

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

Ekweremadu’s daughter needed a kidney, so he brought in a 15 year old homeless boy with illegally obtained passport stating the boy was 21. The boy was promised a better life.

The former deputy senate President has been denied bail. The defense argues otherwise in court.

The Ekweremadu case will come up again on the 7th of July.

We must state the case comes up on the 7th July.Ekewermadu still remains innocent until proven guilty. This must be stated

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

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Omo this is loud, am kind of skeptical. the story is fishy, but as partially happy if it's true but a shame on Nigeria part our top shot senator. I know the story will still go far because the senators will always want to protect their own

This story if true just goes to show you how these greedy politicians think, selfish ,always about them .why did he or wife not offer their organ or look for a family member .The host of heaven will keep exposing you all that hv plunge this nation into perpetual darkness .God has so blessed this country with every natural resource to make us great out there. See now another bad name for Nigeria

This is pathetically shameful and exposes the extent the criminal Nigerian political class could go to exploit the masses to the benefit of their families. The poor boy was kidnapped from the streets of Lagos and ferried to London where his kidneys would be harvested to salvage the live of their spoilt brat drug and alcohol addict daughter! The God of the poor has arrested them, and trust the British system, they're jail bound!

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A photo of former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu in a UK court where he was arraigned for allegedly bringing a child to the UK for alleged organ harvesting, has been shared online. 

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

Shortly after the arraignment, it's been revealed that Ike Ekweremadu wrote a letter to the British high commission about a kidney donation for his daughter.


In the letter, the former deputy senate president said he was writing in support of a visa applicant who was scheduled for “medical investigations for a kidney donation to Ms Sonia Ekweremadu”.


He said the donor and his daughter “will be at the Royal Free Hospital London”, adding that he would “be providing the necessary funding”.

Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, So He Brought In A 15 Year Old Homeless Boy To The UK To Extract His Kidney

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It's good he's been caught. For them to be arrested means the child is a minor who can't even give consent. Even if the child is orphaned, they'll have to provide an adult who gave them consent on the child's behalf and is supposed to care for the child.


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This chap been of an opposition party makes his case a foregone issue. Governments strike deals with on a other on privileged cases but not this time. Many, and not all of the so called ritual killings are actually organ harvesting booming business in the black market where demand exceeds supply..

They deceive the get rich quick seeking individuals into bringing dead body as part of the rituals while the herbalist go ahead and sell the harvested Organs to buyers . Peoplle involved in these trade includes but not limited to. business men, kidnappers ,herbalists and men who.buy them. On the international market a human body after all harvestable organ and chemicals is said to cost 55 miilion dollars while a dead body is said to cost 550,000 dollars.

The so called successful yahoo boys are simply fraudsters and cyber criminals who hack into accounts using man in the middle attacks, ransomware to demand ransom in cryptos after gaining access to sensitive data of banks ,governments ,healthcare and encrypt these files , many sell credit and debit cards in the dark web which you can't access with mainstream browsers search engines such as google,bing ,Firefox and the rest , they use business email compromise via phishing,vishing,credential hijacking,deep fakes and many other attack methods, they don't even need to be computer gurus ,some.of the attack tools are now sold as service in the darkweb.

Back to our dear senator ,he must be one the bosses of the Mafia groups involved In this dirty trade, he must have been doing it this lucrative business while senate president sending his boys to do the job .His case would be worsened if the child is below 18 , forced or coerced , if the procedure intended would have caused the death of the child.

He should have carried his business to Iran which is the only country where it is legal .. A single finger from a living person is worth 70 thousand dollar In 2019 or so parliamentarians were pushing for the death penalty before then it used to be 15 years imprisonment for the trafficker and where the victim is below 18 ,it carries maximum of 30 years imprisonment and where it is against the will of the victim , it is life imprisonment .

Unless he is found not guilty , he will probably live the rest of his life in prison . We don't have the full details . Trolls argue with your keyboard ,my resolution is not to engage or exchange toxic words with trolls who posts just to hurl insults on their parents

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This na serious gbege for Ike!

The UK police are thorough and would tie up every loose ends.

The illegalities people do here in Nigeria and get away with cannot

be tolerated in a sane society.

He should have negotiated with a proper 21 year old in the trenches to donate a kidney for a pathway to japa and say 25 million Naira, which is one weekend allowance as Nigerian senator. Many young people would have jumped on this offer. Forging international passport is criminal and it says a lot about the real intentions. It will be difficult for Ike Ekweremadu and wife to escape this completely even if the boy's parents signed any agreement.

Two things:

1. We Nigerians take a lot for granted and having money or connections doesn't help our tendency for impunity.

2. This case says a lot about how politicians would sacrifice lives without batting eyelids for self-preservation.

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Look at a ranking Nigeria's Senator. He has been in the Senate since 2003 and has remained up till now.

Is there a way Buhari can work out a diplomatic pardon or something similar? This is beyond disgraceful. We can do better.

Apart from his publicised crime being organ trafficking, details of the crime suggests he is also guilty of human trafficking. Imagine.

Say NO to Human trafficking

Say NO to organ trafficking

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Chai  poor girl. So won’t she get another donor over there? What of here? Will she now die? Just like that?

You useless politicians  and their stooges. Apc and pdp and nnpp and labor etc all of you and your card carrying members are failures. Nigerian democracy don’t give a damn about healthcare. No funding, poor/late pension payments, strikes etc. year after year after year.

People dying

In Nigeria, someone like ekweremadu with all his billions still had to illegally fly someone abroad to find a competent doctor to perform a simple kidney transplant? With all his connections and privileges?

Now his reputation is in the mud both home and away. Isn’t God a wonderful being. He’s been in the political spotlight since 1999. What will he now tell his daughter? 

What then is the hope of we the common man  shebi una dey see as Nigerians dey mumu still wan go vote anyhow again next year?

Be obi dient

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Ekweremadu is finished. They Brits will ruin him completely before leaving him alone. So sad this is how he ended his illustrious political career.


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This sounds like a setup. This boy was arranged to set them up for a better life. These procedures can be performed with consent in Nigeria. Why did they have to travel to the UK? Many families want to donate their kidney for a good pay. This boy was an arrangee setup to destroy the Ekweremadus. You cannot snuggle 15 yrs old. The reason that arranged this set them up because I don't see them arranging this themselves. Now people will be reacting to media info. Na the person wey arrange am be the real criminal. They may have been blackmailed and they refused to pay and they got the boy to sing!

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