Deborah Samuel's Murder In Nigeria Reminds Me Of My Service Year In Yobe State


Deborah Samuel's Murder In Nigeria Reminds Me Of My Service Year In Yobe State

Deborah's murder reminds me of my service year in Yobe state as a youth corper. I can't forget that experience in a hurry and I keep asking myself why these Muslims can so misinterpret issues to suit what they are planning to do. We had a certain female Corp member from Delta state, she likes painting her lips like � and putting on trousers. Unknown to her she became the subject of a serious hatred and an apparent plan to kill her was in the pipe line. You know these people have a way of coordinating their murderous acts, it's a chain that includes the high and low in their society. So corper Blessing was teaching one day in class and a particular student was busy distracting others, she tried to caution the boy and get him to concentrate but boy keep disturbing the rest of the class, Unknown to her, that was the trap. The said boy was writing in his note book and kept tiring them out, so when she went to the boy's desk, she picked up the pieces of paper and threw them away. The boy stood up and left the classroom. Boom! Not upto 30mins, another teacher came to Blessing and asked her why she would desecrate the Qoran, she was so surprised to hear that and decided to ask the teacher where she got that kind of news. To cut the story short, the teacher asked Blessing to leave the school premises immediately else she would be kill. Blessing quickly left the school to her lodge where she told other corp members what had transpired in school. As she was still speaking, a large crowd of Muslims youth were charging and chanting towards the corpers lodge with sticks and knives, they corpers quickly ran towards the gate to lock it , at that point it became a back and push in the gate as the knew that if the youth gained entrance into the place, they maybe more casualties. This happened in Potiskum. At that point, calls where coming into to the zonal office for help, I was one of the corper rep in the zone assisting the ZI and LI, the ZI, a Yoruba man quickly called the police, there was no action, he called the army, nothing happened, we started praying for God to intervene, we were asked to go see the Emir, we did, but you could sense the whole town was waiting to hear that Blessing had been killed before action would be taken. What shocked me most was that our LI, a Muslim was so furious, saying she deserves to die for desecrating the Quran, but thankfully our ZI called a Army topnotch in the south east who had to call the yobe command. ( I don't know the process but it was so fast), military personals came in two vans to take us to the location of the corpers, you won't believe the crowd, youth wielding sticks, knives and a tray but when they saw the military they started running, all the corpers members were evacuated, the two vans couldn't take everyone, so most of the soldiers has to walk beside the vans for us to get out of that place to the zonal office. We started wandering how writing quranic citations in a piece of paper or a notebook made the paper or notebook a quran. As the madness was going on in the town, I was given one of the worst task of my life as the ZI mandated me to snick Blessing out of the town. While concern people where coming to find out what happened, I took Blessing through the backyard, and then out of the gate, picked okada towards Damaturu with Blessing looking completely different (her lips cleaned and dressed like a northern girl with her head covered) and crying profusely. We succeeded in sending her to Damaturu and that was her last day in Potiskum as she completed the remaining part of her service year at the state headquarters. This religious misinterpretation must stop forthwith. Deborah death is one of too many cases of religious extremists and fanatics taking the lives of innocent people.

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They are all Muslims with fanatics belief. We the Christians will come for them. Nobody has monopoly to violence.

They are all fools claiming to fight for their own allah or mohamed who's so daft or useless to know how to fight for himself. Unfortunately, the Nigerian president will not address this issue

North is filled with untrained, hungry, drug addicts and brain washed children

Imagine such a thing happened in South East 

I still believe that we don't belong together in this country!

The earlier we sort this out, the better.


7 days ago

Something similar almost happened to a corper in a certain northerner state where I served. He urinated in a gutter close to a mosque, and they accused him of desecrating their holy ground. He was quickly descended upon and beaten by a mob. Knives were already drawn. Luckily he escaped them, jumped into a friend's waiting car and that one sped off.

Those marrafuckers pursued on bikes, wielding sticks, knives, and machetes. Already, those corpers don put call, so men don already prepare dey wait. We left the gate open, and as soon as they drove into the compound we opened fire on the marauders. They had no idea we had guns - very good guns by the way. 

No ask me why(or how) corpers go get guns. But we had them, and very willing to use them. 


7 days ago

Non-Muslims should leave the core North for these guys. Stop living in the midst of those who hate you so much.

There are so many colleges of education for her to attend in Niger State, instead of schooling among these beasts in human flesh.

How can your own classmates murder you? Makes no sense at all. She probably fed some of those people who were casting stones on her.

Islam is a blood thirsty religion. Even your closest friend will join hand to kill you once you are accused of one non sense against their prophet, most of the accusations are even false.

In the case of this beautiful damsel that was killed, I didn't see or hear anything like blasphemy, but they just killed the innocent girl under that guise.

Don't be surprised, that the school put a call across to the school security to hand her over and pretended like they were overpowered.

Islam is a curse to mankind. School security that I know are brutal, you dare not do anyhow, even cultists they fear them. How come they couldn't protect the innocent girl?

Living among northern Muslims is as dangerous as finding yourself in a den of hungry lions. They can turn on you at any moment. It's an unimaginable nightmare!

The very annoying thing about them is that the ones in the south act so meek as if they can never hurt a fly, whereas they're all the same.

The most unfortunate part about Deborah's story is that even if she had found a way to escape, they still would've made others suffer for it. Lives would've been lost.

Africans are generally wicked

Last week 2 men got lynched in Delta state over a bike.

Two weeks back two soldiers were beheaded in Imo state

Go through Cultist Update post on twitter, every day young men butcher themselves for no reason. It's high time we stand completely against killing of all manners regardless of the reasons

killing is not allowed under Nigerian constituition , criminal code, penal code or Sharia law. Some years ago, When Makarfi was the governor of Kaduna state, there was a war btw Iraq and Iran or was it Kuwait (can't say). Next thing, these guys started giving a crisis undertone in Kaduna. Makarfi gave an instruction that an empty plane be made ready for a free trip to Iraq/Iran for whomever wants to fight. He said nobody should bring that nonsense to Kaduna. That was how everyone respected themselves and no one showed up on the plane. That man still remains my best governor of Kaduna so far.

By the way, he was a Muslim o but he had zero tolerance for BS.

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