#bestworkplace. The Best Boss You Have Ever Worked With. Share Your Experience

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#bestworkplace. The Best Boss You Have Ever Worked With. Share Your Experience

Last week, a topic was trending on twitter about toxicity in workplace, and the experiences shared by people were inundating. That's not to say there are no good places to work in Nigeria. There are some organizations in Nigeria that have international standard when it comes to employees welfare, but as Nigerians that we are, we only dwell on toxic places and make it look like there are no good bosses anywhere in Nigeria. I believe what's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. With that said, let's celebrate our good bosses and organizations on this thread. Share your experience working with a good boss and organization

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But there is this one short happy fellow I will never forget. You will never know he is a super boss till you see his bills and his fleet of range rovers & benzimas.

He can inspire and motivate and make you forget your limitations. He can fold his sleeves and bend down to pack tools and equipment and load in his benz back seat.

He will tell you, you better change your job of you are still petting your car and shoes because you won't pamper them if you are sure your are on the right track to the money.

He will be first on the job site before he calls you to attend to emergency situations at midnight. I never heard him shout before.

I knew him for less than a year but it would take a lifetime to forget him.


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My late boss... A woman with extraordinary character and heart of gold. She treated me like I'm her son. I never touched my salary the period I worked with her. She's amongst the few bosses then that paid overtime.

She was always sending me on an errand with enough tips... She had so much trust in me that even when her banking signature became irregular as a result of old age she refused to go to the bank and rectify it but rather gave me access to her account.

Her affection for her workers was not extended to only me but to every of her staff. I have never seen her shout at any of the workers.

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When you work with a good and loving boss, you could just forget about your life's goal and begin to chase Oga's priorities and ambitions for as long as the Oga remains with you in the organisation.

That's how to know you are working for a good person. His goals becomes your goals. His family becomes your family and your family issues becomes his issues.

I found myself in that situation until I had a change of plan for my life.

It can also be bad and extreme sometimes if not checked on time.

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