A Friend Studied Biochemistry In One Of Nigeria's Universities, She Completed NYSC And No Job Yet. Her Family Is Now Pressuring Her To Switch To A Nurse Career. Please Advice


Hello All, Asking for a friend. A friend studied Biochemistry in one of Nigeria's Federal Universities, she has completed NYSC but she does not have a job yet. Her brother who currently resides in the UK wants her to enroll in a school of Nursing in Nigeria and she is not happy with what her brother wants. I asked her if her brother's reason is because Nursing is profitable in the UK and she said YES, that's his reason. The goal is that she'd eventually relocate to the the UK. My concerns are: 1. Why study a course like Biochemistry and go back to a school of Nursing? Aren't there better alternatives? 2. Most of the people I know that attended school of Nursing always go back to the Univeristy for BSc. Nursing. 3. School of Nursing in Nigeria will take her about 3 years and I am sure she will still need to write some exams before she will be able to work as a Registered Nurse in the UK. Are there possibilities of moving to the UK to study that version of Nigerian School of Nursing? If yes, how expensive is it? On the other hand, if she's able to go to the UK for her masters, masters in what course can she apply for (please bear in my that she is a Biochemistry graduate) that would give her chances of securing a good job in the UK ( At least, a kind of job that would still make her earn something close to what Nurses earn)? Please advise. Thank you

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Don't know why I am tempted to write this here, maybe because I gave up such opportunity 13years ago which I still regret today.

So from experience, I am telling you to go do that nursing now if you don't want to regret like me because you may never get job for life with that Bch certificate of yours Sadly and unfortunately.

Her brother has given her the best advice, however, she is an adult who has the right to do whatever pleases her. I think she's still basking in the euphoria of the "graduate" tag.

Modified: let me explain a bit.

University based nursing leads to d award of RN and BNSc (and at times RM, RPHN).

BNSc, like almost all other undergraduate degrees is an academic qualification while RN is the professional qualification.

However, UK's demands are for professional nurses(not academic nurses) hence the equal recognition given to both.

Now, school of nursing is better in her case because, 3 years is 3years there. In exactly 3 years, she would be done and start processing her UK things. Her other option if she so much hate School of Nursing is going back to the university for BNSC, and ASUU will be smiling @ that rn 

Once she's in the UK with d School of Nursing certificate, she can run her BNSc there in a year or so while working. Foreign degree  

Moving to the UK to study Nursing (of whichever version) or for MSc. will be like moving a student whereas moving with school of Nursing RN is like moving a worker. You need to see how some trusts pamper migrant nurses.

Like I said earlier, she is an adult with absolute right to her choices

There are seasoned bankers in Nigeria that went to UK, Canada or US and switched straight to nursing. She should accept advice of someone who loves her over there or gather money to go do msc public health(wch is very expensive & competitive).

Advise your friend to go for nursing..

Gone are those days that we decide based on passion, now it is strictly based on finance and job security. Except you don't have the brain for it..

If I had known, I would have studied medicine at all cost...


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She should follow her brother's advice, unless she wants to remain in Nigeria and keep begging for urgent 2k

Why would anyone study Biochemistry in Nigeria?

People start be mindful of what they go to the Universities to study in Nigeria

It's no longer enough being a graduate; what one studies/studied now matters a lot.

Unless your friend is passionate about science or research, I’ll advise she takes the advice of that person and go to nursing school if she plans to relocate here, although that’s still dependent on whether she has passion for healthcare. If she’s rich enough and doesn’t want to study in Nigeria, she can build up healthcare experience and apply to accelerated Masters in Nursing programs (Pre-registration) in the UK. It’s 2 years instead and she can register with NMC as a UK RN after graduation.

When you talk about maybe there being another alternative with her biochemistry degree, I did biosciences as well and a bioscience masters here. I was able to get 2 job offers, one as a lab person in the NHS and another as a research assistant. I took the research assistant post cuz it’s at the No1 Uni here in the UK (UniofCam).

However I’ve found research / being confined to a lab to be boring, and tbh most people going down that route would have to spend longer years getting a PhD, else you’ll not be able to get a higher up position. However Nursing seems more interesting to me, reason why I’m starting an accelerated nursing program in 3months. Most Nigerians like me too studied Microbiology / Biochemistry / Cell Biology / Molecular Biology and the likes as a first degree because we didn’t meet the cut off for medicine or nursing or dentistry or the other medical courses.

So if that’s the case for your friend, she should grab this opportunity for a career in healthcare. It’s totally worth it (IMO).

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