Why You Should Always Investigate Your Girlfriend's Ex Before Marriage (Opinion)

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Dear Guys I am writing to formally inform you to ensure you painstakingly and meticulously examine the type of guys your girlfriend has dated in the past. Please and please don't fall for the scam of " my past stays in the past". Dig the past, scrutinize all you have unearthed before you finally propose. I saw a former colleague recently and he was almost a shadow of himself. He narrated how he is just recuperating from all his loses. He said his Church revealed to him that his wife is a pipe that keeps sucking his wealth and remitting his resources to the yahoo guy that performed the ritual on her. He explained how his logistics company crumbled and I almost cried. He said the court officially dissolved their marriage on a Friday, on Wednesday (the following week), a small reputable company gave him an offer to head their supply chain unit. Please and please do not touch any lady that a Yahoo boy/man has touched. Fortunately, they no longer hide their rituals. Please as an ambitious young man, dig into your potential wife's past. Know her dating history and the type of people she has dated. Approximately 5 years ago there was this guy that invited us to a treat after his wedding while we were chilling someone asked him how did you meet your spouse he said "we met on a plane". To cut to the chase, the guy met a lady that a sugar Daddy was sponsoring to Dubai and "wifed" her. How can you meet a lady in business class who has no real job and the parents cannot afford a 1999 Toyota and you say na she you wan marry? Although him body tell am and he advised himself. As an ambitious young man, the final trap ahead is your partner. Guide your steps towards marriage jealousy. The signs are always there. Your downfall begins when you marry an unfortunate person. I have seen someone who earns 650k monthly dismissed because of cheque issued on an unfunded account (No be juju be that?) He said the pressure from his wife was becoming unbearable. This was same wife that was catered for by a Sugar Daddy before the mumuni "wifed" her. Finally, I will advise you to take this piece of advice: start digging. Never date a yahoo or sugar Daddy by-product. Your college girlfriend is using a premium iPhone and you know quite well that the parents are poor and she often calls you for bailout funds and you think one magical uncle gave her the phone?

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May God help us all

Marriage in this current age is a mirage. It can lead to sudden death.

Why You Should Always Investigate Your Girlfriend's Ex Before Marriage (Opinion)

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Well said dear, greatest mistake one would make is marrying the wrong person.

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Very nice and educative

Nice and educative

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Nice write up man!

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For peace and unity

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God help our relationship


10 months ago

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There are many factors to this. Prayer goes beyond just upper lips and lower lips overlapping on each other. Prayer is communication with God. How do you do that?

-You give thanks for what He has done, doing and what He is set to do ( enter His gates with righteousness and His courts with praise. Ps 100:4)

-Pray using the Word of God (direction) Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

Pray with and expectation. Your expectation will not b cut off prov 23:18

-Pray with Fath .

-pray with prayer and fasting

N.B if u look at the things above, the wicked pipu does it to thier gods thus making dem believe in its potency thereby making dem receive answers that are temporary but because we are arrogant and dont want to go to the Priesthood (God) we are praying carnally. If Jericho is not destroyed, there is a barricade hindering the testimonies, that is why most pipu said they have prayed but answers are not coming cos there is a blockage between the one praying and the Source" when jerico fall, even your destiny helper will find you and see u at all cost. Jesus for 30yrs was calling pipus attention but Immediately God speaks when God said "hear ye Him" after baptism, everywhere Jesus go to is always with multitudes. My brother, prayer works in the speed of Gods power. Jst ask God for direction lobatan.

Brother walk with God like you have never b4. Chai! Never say that again oo, prayer that some pipu get answers to even b4 uttering. Engage Kindom mysteries too

Try this and see what God do reading this Ex 25 16

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I think women should also dig into the brains of potential husbands - you sound like someone they will tell his mother is a witch and he will believe.

I hate senseless superstitious people like you , - In this day and age when other countries have gone into the jet age we still have uneducated slow pokes like this op trying to drag us back to his village mentality. Mr man - if your business crumbles- it is the economy - not any nonsense jazz .

Your education is a waste to be honest.

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Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

You have a point even though we can not judge everyone by their past... Men should still hhave sense in choosing.

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Na to go price digger be that o. I cannot labour for an unfortunate person.

This is an eye opener and a very informative piece op. Sadly no matter how you shout it's most likely they wouldn't listen as there's a popular adage which says A dog that's about to get lost do not listen to his Master's whistle. Guy's marriage is a school you don't graduate from, take ur time to know about the girls background and her past life so you don't end up regretting as the person you're getting married to can either Make You or Break You.

Why You Should Always Investigate Your Girlfriend's Ex Before Marriage (Opinion)

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Very true 💯


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The "yahoo boy" has got nothing to do with this. Y'all should learn not to blame people for your misfortune. Unfortunately, the clerics are always fueling this mentality! Shameless lots!

Your guy should go and get his hustle right! Life's full of ups and downs.

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You'll pray from morning to night no result you'll go to church no result

But one yahoo boy would use juju on someone it would be as effective till eternity.

Why is juju powerful?

I pray that God has already answered your prayers. He knows your thoughts and his plans for you are the best.

Why You Should Always Investigate Your Girlfriend's Ex Before Marriage (Opinion)

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Another opinion for superstitious folks. An opinion for people wey there brain no dey function well because spiritual matter done take up memory space

Imagine this unfortunate spineless man blaming his wife for his misfortunes in business and life in general without even pointing fingers to the main cause- himself.

Nothing dey vex me like when adult go blame spirit for him misfortunes and bad luck because him no say spirit no fit talk or defend themselves. So instead of taking responsibility and handling his finances like a man him go rather blame juju.

Religion is wrecking havoc on us.

No where in this long post did the OP ask the man how he spends his money and how much he makes... No financial responsibility whatsoever recorded.

I've gone from earning 2m monthly to zero.

I was suicidal. Started doing weed and ashawos just to take my mind off things.

But it only gave me temporal relief till I took the bull by the horns and tackled my demons head-on. The more Africans and Nigerians keep relying on spirits for something as simple as a financial growth the more we sink into backwardness and rot.

Religion done kill our willpower and thought process. Na why one old hag of man or woman go tie red cloth or hold Bible do small acting for una tell una say una wahala na spiritual una go believe because we are too weak to hold ourselves responsible.

Weak spineless men wey no sabi their roots everywhere. I just feel complete utter disgust for this fellow not because he is lost but because he doesn't even know how far lost he is.

Money/income does not have a spiritual connection. If it does Nigeria would be the richest country on Earth. Right diagnosis is half the cure.

Why on earth will a man in his right senses consult a witch doctor or a priest for financial advice when we have people who's actual job is Financial Accounting??

It's like having the manager of a football club consult a DJ for technical advice on how to win the football league.. its all shades of wrong and makes no sense...

Yet we do this every single day and expect some kind of magic to happen. Sometimes I'm forced to think we aren't ready for any real change in Nigeria and Africa but then I understand the bigger picture -- keep them illiterates, uneducated, religious and divided. So the looting and syphoning of our nations wealth will keep on.

No wonder Boko Haram agenda na to kill education in it's totality. This country is already boiling over. Those kids born without proper education in the North years back are all doing big business as Kidnappers and bandits today

Na them de influence the elections and political decisions of this country. Yet una still dey fuel superstition and backward religious beliefs over free-thinking, understanding the importance and capabilities of the human brain when fully empowered.

This continent (not just the country) is completely exhausting. Nothing is structured to help you evolve and grow.

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