Why Is Pig Farming Not Popular In Nigeria?

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This should be widespread farming in Nigeria as it can be a cheaper alternative to meat when compared to goats and cows. Is there not a demand for pork meat in West Africa? Image source: Google

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It's not piggery alone. Many units/sections of agriculture could have been invested in and create employment for millions of Nigerians and generate revenue for the government and citizens.

Sadly, they don't care because they can't make the type of money they embezzle within four years from agriculture. So, everyone can't sacrifice his belly for the citizens that elected them.

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Point. Nigeria is not a productive nation. Everybody wants to connect to the center and claim the big boy. Therefore, the big thieves want to be oga at the center by all means hence the killings and destruction to go to the center. A candidate even said he would fight dirty to be at the center, while his counterparts in the UK resigned from the center because they saw they couldn't handle it.

LOL na government go create a piggery farm for you?
The socialism mindset of Nigerians is mind-blowing.
Government should create job
The government will be plant rice
Government should raise pigs.

Government should not raise pigs, but the government should enhance knowledge acquisition.

Let me use an illustrative example.

The knowledge of how to build airplanes, trains, and motorcars exists in some countries and not others. They jealously guard that knowledge and pass it from one generation to the next while taking steps to prevent it from leaking to other nations.

Again let us consider maize production Nigeria produces less than 2 tonnes per hectare compared to US's 11 tonnes per hectare.

These things are not accidents. It is KNOWLEDGE.

That is where government comes into it at a strategic level.

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Piggery is very capital-intensive to start up. It is generally considered a dirty business, especially with other animal farming types.

Generally, pork meat is less widely accepted than others like Poultry or beef. Islam forbids it, and only some Christians get it for religious reasons. So the demand is low compared to beef or chicken.

Also, it takes a more extended period to start breaking even and returns on investment to farm pigs commercially. Not many are willing to take the risk involved in rearing due to the long time frame involved. It’s a long-term investment.

Also, outbreaks of diseases ( swine flu), for instance, often discourage prospective farmers. Existing farms battle with many of these diseases while many are being shut down, especially the larger ones.

Lastly, lack or absence of information on piggery limits those that start-up or go into piggery as a form of business.

It is a lucrative business, however. From my little and humble experience, pig farming is one of the most lucrative aspects of agriculture.

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I don't think it's because a section of the country doesn't eat it. After all, alcohol sales generate billions of naira every year even though an area of the country and many Christians down south also don't accept it. It is capital-intensive and requires a lot of time and effort to maintain. Returns do not come back immediately, so it requires some investment patience (which many people may have) yet.

It requires a lot of skill and knowledge to start and to sustain if you are going to be successful in it. It generates a lot of stenches (though this is minor because even fish farming generates a lot of stinks too).The good news is that the dew people into it are making a whole lot of money. Some need help to meet up with customers' orders.

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because muslims(fulani) secretly run Nigeria! Pork meat isn't popular, thanks to them. Many Nigerians only realize people consume pigs when they leave Nigeria.

Muslims control the flow of meat.

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You did well. You insulted a whole religion and tribe with bigotry in one post. Clap for yourself.

Pork meat is widely consumed in Ghana, even though there are Muslims too. So why is Nigeria's case different? Fulanis, that's why.

The only place you can find non-halal in Nigeria is among Igbo butchers. Half of Nigeria is not Muslim, so why is halal meat being pushed on the majority??

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It is not true that there is a disinterest. In southern Nigeria, there is even more interest in pig farming than cattle rearing. You do not know what you are talking about.

Nigerians eat ANYTHING.

Pig farming requires knowledge and Capital, just like with poultry. To do it right requires a lot of money. The market is there and growing. Like cattle farming, We can see the conflict between herders because they refuse to take responsibility for growing what their animals eat. It is big in Benue , Plateau and Taraba

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Some religious Terrorists say Jesus cast demons into pigs and others say pig offended their prophet. They make up 99% of Nigeria's population, so most Nigerians have a personal problem with pigs. How, then, can its business flourish? They cause problems for Agriculturists in this country. It's thriving in Southern Nigeria, anyway.

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This particular type is tedious. The stench, ooh goodness. Take a tour of a pig farm. Smh. Capital intensive in an unstable economy can cause HBP.

Then, poor market.

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All these bashings for pigs? Na wa O!

Other animals no dey sh!t? Abi because them no fine?

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It is because a section of the population does not eat it, cutting down the market size compared to other animal husbandry.

Secondly, it takes a lot of input and effort due to how d environment can be stinking.

The few people that are into it are cashing out!!!

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Islam prohibits the consumption of pigs. Even most Christians are not conformable consuming pork. So I don't see any logical link between the country's preference for foreign goods and the disinterest in a pig farm.

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Let it remain unknown. That is the business I’ll retire into. Who hears of cocoa farmers? The ones I know are wealthier than governors.

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