Who Was Andrew, Why Was His Checking Out Necessary To Nigerians In The Eighties, And Is It The Same As Japa Today?

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"Andrew checking out,"

"Andrew left," which always remained in my memory from the 1980s. 

These two quotes are samples of how people would comment on a political discussion back in the eighties. 

The last quote is from the award-winning conscious song by Eldee, "One Day." I think they all were referring to the exact Andrew.

People still referenced Andrew up to the late 90s and early 2000s. I also remember back then, we begged Andrew to stay and not check out from Nigeria, the dollar was ₦5, and today a $dollar is almost ₦700.

Today's generation does not know about Andrew 'checking out.' They all say they want to Japa. These already happened, I think.


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Andrew (played by actor Enebeli Elebuwa) was a character in a nationwide exposure ad in the mid-1980s. I think it was during either Buhari or Babangida's regime.

Andrew would retort, slinging his traveling bag over his shoulders, "No light, no water. Men, I'm checking out."

A hand grabs him, saying, "don't check out."

This act later informed a line in Veno Marioghae's famous song "Nigeria go survive," in which she sings, "Andrew no check out o!"

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So it was a character in an ad, WAWU. Laughable!! 

Andrew wey no checkout go regret am last last. Because four decades after, light and water still no dey. To be a man in this country, one has to provide accommodation, electricity, water, private education for his kids, and community security without the government's help.

My "born-in-the-early-90s" mind could only imagine Andrew as a gifted council of government or a PROPHET!

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Buhari has finished this country Pata Pata. "Andrew don't check out" came up during his time as military head of state. Andrew's grandchildren are even checking out all like this! Andrew made the proper selection, I suppose!! 2022 and it's even worseeeeeee. Please give me a visa, and I am checking out and Japa out of this useless country. Hopefully, Peter Obi will give us hope and reason to believe in this country at least once in our short lifetime.

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The commercial aired during the infamous Buhari/Idiagbon regime. Imagine the same person is the President, and Nigerians are now Japaing. While trying to save its thrashed image, the administration created the commercial just like the current government. That advert aired on tv up until 1990. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. (Enebeli Enebuwa)

Who Was Andrew, Why Was His Checking Out Necessary To Nigerians In The Eighties, And Is It The Same As Japa Today?

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Now Dollar is almost 1000, and Andrew is dead. Andrew eventually listened and remained but died due to poor healthcare.

If only Enebeli Enebeluwa had checked out, he might have been alive today!

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Thanks for bringing this up. LOL, I remember this lightly. And the truth is that not just only Andrew's prophecies, Everything Fela Kuti said and sang about is also happening today. Like he was a prophet.

Only if we Nigerians can take a step back and realize that we keep recycling these old politicians and keep recycling our problems. It is just like a timed loop.

“Andrew” eventually checked out, after all. In the TV commercial which captivated the imagination of the entire nation, he looked dapper, self-assured and fully determined to quit the country of his birth where nothing worked— the electricity supply, the telephone system, the public water supply, the health system, the roads … the lot.

He had got his fill, and he was leaving for greener pastures: that was what “checking out” meant or, in other words, he was going abroad. It was the “in thing” to do at the time. Anyone who was able to do it was doing it, or trying to do it.

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