When This Strike Is Over, Many Of Our Lecturers Will Migrate From This Country- ASUU President

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When this strike is over, many of our lecturers will migrate from this country- ASUU president, Prof Osodeke, says after the Industrial court on Wednesday, September 21, ordered the striking lecturers to return to their classrooms.

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5 friends I know who were lecturers have all relocated during this strike...more will go and I can't blame them...very painful!..very very very painful...but they don't care...their kids are not here...😢😢

Do they have to wait till the strike is over before they leave??? How will someone suffer and go to school, read very hard and become a lecturer in Nigeria and be earning 80k - 120k as a lecturer and you still owe them for months??? I wish a lot of them have the right info.

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My professor is currently in Canada 😂😂😂😂😂 My project defense don get K leg 😢😢😢😢😢Who wants to work without getting paid or not paid enough? The students too protesting will understand someday💯💯

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Which someday???..They will FEEL it ASAP they resume..Even, when the lecturers are paid, MOST do teach NONSENSE,,,Now, imagine without PAYMENT? 😂😂😂😂

at the end of the day , this fight was for me and you, the common Nigerian people... If you don't see it that way, then you are entitled to your opinion, when reckoning comes no one will escape it, no matter how rich you are

wake up. You guys pay less than 20k for school fees but you want quality education. Even citizens in most countries abroad pay as much as 3k dollars per semester. The only sustainable solution to the tertiary education issues in Nigeria is for Govt to take its hands of the running of universities. Abroad, even people without university education earn very good salaries. It’s really not compulsory to go to university. Primary school is more important. That’s why one is Primary and the other is tertiary.

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Thanks for the information 👍. That will give room for a fresh bloods with modern teaching techniques to take over the lecturing space in our Public Universities. Then we would be able to compite with the World 🌎and make our economy great.

This Buhari regime to depress the citizens so people can leave the country for Fulanis to take over their lands‼️ this is just a strategy for them

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 which modern teaching techniques ?😂😂😂😂with which money? and you think fresh blood will waste their time working without pay for 7 months. yeah, all like clowning 🤡 Around.


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When we say divide the country, yoruba no go gree the north want Nigeria this way, it amazes me when the so called educated class of the yoruba extraction always hod these guys as eternal friends.

Our lecturers are one of the most patriotic persons still left in this country. If they start leaving, the future of this nation would be leaving with them.

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This is no news,l don't think it's their patriotism that had kept them back.Students have lost to academic sessions from 2020 till date .ASUU has never considered the cost implications of their incessant strike actions on other stakeholders,it's always all about their pocket in a Nation with about 30% unemployment rate.l think it's time the Federal government should look at alternative source of funding for the Universities like increasing the School fees of Federal Universities marginally to increase revenue.

All these developed countries are giving employment to Doctors and Nurses from Nigeria with good pay . Once they start targeting Teachers definitely Nigeria will be in big trouble.

Better they migrate so that others can fill in the positions they're leaving behind, so many people looking for opportunities, we need to stop seeing people leaving the country as if its a bad thing, it's just an opportunity in disguise to grow the country. Not that I support the useless senseless govt but ASUU are culprits too.

Let them go to other countries. They’ve not contributed to any development since they’ve been gallivanting as tutors of varsities. See how a Nigerian professor is speaking like a garri seller in the market. Let all Nigeria lecturers disappear if they like. A country where we have grown men reading mechanical engineering practicals to us like lambs tales from Shakespeare.

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Insulting someone who started from scratch to attain such height a garri seller. Something your father couldn't do.. don't you sound so stupid?


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We have a candidate in the coming election who's very passionate about education. His Vice also shares the same passion & in fact, owns a University. The candidate's decision to directly fund schools without going through the bureaucracy & personally visit those schools & pupils with a direct phone line to him was a masterstroke that changed the face of education in Anambra State.

As a Law student in Law School, he declined to pay Bursary to us (he felt we didn't need it cos we'd all paid school fees) choosing instead to commit the funds to education in Anambra State so the pupils could get to our level. We have a choice to make: continue with this class of politicians who rundown education then send their kids abroad or emplace a candidate who had done it before & is committed to lifting us from this very sordid state.

The youth of this generation are too bold and smart for their liking, so they want to destroy the educational system finally. After all, their kids don’t attend them, so their kids will come and still rule over the ill-educated youths. That’s their plan, but God will disappoint them. They will all be voted out and retired from politics next year. As a young person, you have no business voting or campaigning for those two old parties responsible for the pains of Nigerians over the years.

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Y’all be sitting and making deals based on your own interest… i feel there are other measures to settling this Asuu strike of a thing, but if the case is till you want your demands to be met as a labour association, ASUU and the federal Government are both fraud PERIOD!!!! Y’all have your children in private schools sooo it is nothing to you i guess

Bash ASUU all you want then later go and vote APC and PDP same people that put you in the mess then still later come out to say everybody should have the right to vote whoever they choose when you are voting for personal interest it will never work out . Vote for the interest of the nation as a whole because it’s not about just you .. Obedient2023#

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It's indeed a catastrophe and shameful. That we could have people who were beneficiaries of sound and quality education during their own time BUT now paying lips service to this generation. It's so so sad and they want to come and rescue us from the same APC they installed. Their own kids are graduating in other countries while they hv the guts to be posting it on social media for us to see. What a shame

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it’s indeed heartbreaking what this country has turned into and a lot of persons are still playing tribal politics sometimes I feel Nigerians deserve what they’re getting

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I do not support this government but i really can't understand the legal boundaries ASUU is operating within. You can't dictate to an employer what system he will use in paying you, If you are not satisfied, you resign. You also can't expect to be paid when you didn't work, this is enshrined in every labor law world wide. Its important to understand the back drop of this whole crisis before taking sides. The best universities in the world are even privately owned, the ones owned by the government in Nigeria even allow the lecturers to manage its internally generated revenue by themselves and still pay them every month. What i see is a set of very selfish old men riding on the disdain Nigerians already have for their government and using that to make unrealistic demands. Facts about these so called 'righteous' lecturers;

1. They take up multiple lecturing jobs in various universities across the country they know they can't realistically live up to. This in turn disqualifies other qualified Nigerians that could have done better if they were given the opportunity. This also reduces the quality of education received by the students as some of the lecturers are only available twice in a whole semester.

2. They sell dubious handouts to students at exorbitant prices and fail students who don't patronize them.

3. They intimidate female students and sexually harass them and fail those who won't give in. They are also forcing other universities who do not want to be part of the ASUU union to shut down while he is here talking about military regime. SMH!

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Stick to the conversation and stop being sentimental and emotional. My opinion doesn’t matter, in the civil service in Nigeria, there’s a no work no pay rule, University lecturers aren’t exempted from this rule. When the elephant fight, the ground suffers, in this case, us the student are the ones suffering, they want govt to pay the over 7 months that they were at home, one question, Who and how should the student who have been at home for over 7 months be compensated. At the end of the day, the student becomes the biggest losers

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This is why I don’t congratulate any politicians child on graduation 👩‍🎓 this people are out for our blood 😭😭 their kids don’t feel the pain so they don’t care 😩😩every section in this country is going down 🤦‍♀️. Nigeria my country, where the leaders don't care about education bcox some of them did not see d four walls of the university😢😢😢😢!!!!!

You want to force the horse to the river? Will you also force it to drink water? Na because federal government don't have value for education. So that they will have enough illiterates to use and manipulate as they like, especially during election... Mttchewww

Many courses can be done online, even for free. Move more courses online. Only few like medicine, engineering need university. We too like school for Nigeria. Abroad wey I dey so, 16yrs dem go dey do apprenticeship before age 40 they have paid their mortgage.

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Unfortunately people on social media always look in just one direction of reasoning,Asuu is our major problems in 🇳🇬 educational sector must you people go on strike every time, Jonathan was frustrated and intimidated by you people (ASUU ) and paid you guys,you put aside professionalism and forget you making student life and parents hard earn money and pain to be stif stagnation.just because most of their children are in private universities,Do you ASUU consider the students life at all.let another Government come on board 2023 they will Threaten and try intimidates them with another industrial strike action.

U call urself ASUU president, u don’t want 2 consider d students just bcos ur kids re abroad schooling. Dats heartless of u, am not supporting d government, take wat dey re offering u, gradually things will fall in place buh no way, bcos u dey reason d money wey u go steal too go take train ur children and invest abroad u don’t care abt other poor students.

When two elephant fight, the grand suffer it. Then in this case, the students will be the one to suffer it. 

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The bad and greedy ones should go abeg so that we'll know how many of us are remaining in Nigeria. Some lecturers are very pompous, frustrating students up and down. Always wanting something. I really don't see much difference between them and politicians. Anyway, I know that las las many of them will still remain because they don't have the work ethics needed to excel out there.

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All I can say is Nigeria is a sinking ship....I have lost hope about the university Education in Nigeria 🇳🇬 A party got a chance to make a difference,and it just had to be a negative one.still some have time to shamefully state their achievements😞

The House of Representatives also don't know what they are doing. They are tied with the same rope. It took them this long for them to interfere on this ASUU matter. what a shame. Fight for the funding and revitalization of our Federal Universities, but desist from insisting payment of Salaries for the 7 months universities has been on strike, no work no pay must be upheld…

Facts, when their children dy graduate for UK. Na to borrow money dy do irrelevant things. Many lecturers have migrated since. The world is watching and they know the edu system don collapse.

What do foreign countries want to use people like this man to do?What do Nigerian lecturers know? They are not going anywhere , that’s why they are holding the Federal govt to ransom.If it were doctors and nurses ,I’ll understand.

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Vote wisely 🙌Vote where them snap 3 human being we don vote for where them snap umbrella we no see anything good we later vote for where broom dey na only borrow borrow and killing we see on them let’s vote where 3head dey I think 3 head is better than 1 PO for president 🤷‍♀️

Yet someone like eniola badmos is campaigning for BAT, because she believes this evil these politicians do wont reach her side!

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