What Is Nigeria's Problem? Almost Every Day, We See Some Tragic Video Of Something Preventable.

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Almost every day, we see some tragic video on Twitter about something that happened over something preventable. Yesterday, I saw a video of a truck that had tried to cut off a bus and, in the process, pitched over and crushed everyone on board. I wonder why? Is it so hard to guarantee that our roads work? Is it so hard to limit the size of vehicles on certain roads? Why queue for fuel in one of the planet's most oil-rich countries? What is our problem? Why are things in the state that they are in? How can we fix it, and why has it yet to happen? Why can a Nigerian be enlightened here and not have a job but go abroad and become a first-class citizen? I see that with my eyes every day now that I've relocated. Please, what is the issue?

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People are voting for "leaders" with no suitable knowledge checks or just flagrantly ignoring it with pride, i.e., "I would vote even if he only has a NEPA certificate."

Nigeria's problem also arises from the failure to learn from the past and history. A simple instance is the trailer casualty; it has occurred over two times before the most contemporary one on that same bridge. They would instead vote for a man with no competence history and pray to god when things go left. We should study what they have been doing wrong and vote right.

The country is a hot mess, and it has both followership & leadership problems. Tribalism and Nepotism are at an all-time high. The 2023 elections will be more popular than Abiola's June 12's election. Future generations will study, talk and write about the #NigeriaDecides2023 elections.

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Nigeria is an energetic crime scene or an energetic self-creating war zone. Nothing makes sense. The more you attempt to understand, the less you do, and the more complicated your brain will be, eventually throwing you into the crime scene bubble.


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Nigerians themselves, we are evil, and We do deserve our leaders

Religion also, Please don't come for my head

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Nigerians. Most are sluggish and don’t want to do real and legit work.

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I don’t believe it’s most of us. I think too many of us are selfish. We’d rather have champagne for a few than safe drinking water for all

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