What Advice Do You Have For A Lady In Her Late 30s And Still Single?

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Advice u say?

.. Being single at late 30s is not the end of life.. just brace up .. search urself if there's anything you're doing wrong like ur dressing, ur status financially, the type of people around u and so on.. if everything is in place, just keep on believing and also keep on praying.. I'm sure ur man will come at the right time.

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Go to Shiloh

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Be more outspoken

Stop select or rejecting suitors

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I found this to be a good read. There are good side of life that comes with being single when you are very matured and advanced in life.

33 Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Is the Best Thing Ever — Best Life /

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As na one man to one woman we dey preach now. So no be everyone go marry be that. so these 33 things na to help you hold body if you no marry?

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There is nothing to advise dear,na single you dey you no kill anyone.instead of being in an abusive relationship, begging for love and attention or time, stay single,make your cool money and live your life.

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Go spiritual about it.

Don’t waste your time going to Shiloh, to be Redeemed or all these scam Pentecostal tithe hungry prosperity end time fake prophets churches. They will end up hooking you up with one pehp or boring evangelist that suffers premature ejaculation's.

It is better you use your hand and hook the one you like. But treat him well.

Nothing wrong in hooking husband spirituality. We are all spiritual entities that depend that depend on scientifically verifiable spiritual events to lead us. You can go all out on it. Even the bible says the kingdom of God suffereth violence.

If you are open to polygamy, give it a shot.

Strong wise men like biblical Solomon still exists. There mission is to lead, conquer, provide and reproduce. It's like a pride to them.

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She should adopt a child or two

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Ladies should stop believing that why they are single is because they are not employed or not rich or not living abroad like some maybe thinking.

For you ladies' exclusive info, majority of Nigerian men aren't interested in your money or success as a lady when they want to settle down, they are more interested in your looks and of course character and background.

So before you go chasing big dreams of acquiring long degrees and wealth, have a sensible guy committed to you, this is not difficult if you are not greedy and materialistic.

There are so many cool headed guys who just want a normal cool headed girl to be in a Relationship with but most chicks don't want basic guys who aren't speaking money and as a guy who have been in both sides (broke and buoyant). Once a guy becomes financially successful, his interest in ladies reduces to fun and manners. Unfortunate that is true. He will not even prioritize keeping or commitment until family and society pressure mounts enough to subdue him into considering settling down and at this point, he will go with the closest female friend he has who he is attracted to and she was the most behaved and well mannered.

But if you miss the 20s and couldn't get any man committed for marriage, just freeze your eggs for later use, or get a decent sensible guy to impregnate you, this is not hard for a lady to achieve.

If those options fail, use juju. Juju dey work. Many Nigerian ladies used this to get their present husband, but don't overdo it, treat him nice and discard the juju once u get him down. Some Nigerian guys will never agree to settle down with one woman, na only juju go fit reset those kain men brains

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You will never come across the advise I'm about to give you from pastors or many relationship experts but as many people already know me, I keep it as real as possible.

1. Understand that not everybody will get married:

Marriage is not a do or die thing... Marriage does not define who you are and you must never be bothered by what people say cos most of them are Clueless about the institution of marriage. Those who truly understand will never look down on you because you are single. Your happiness is more important than marriage.

2. Be financially independent: Any single lady in her late 30s should never make it a priority to get married this year because the more you worry about it the more pressure you put on yourself and this is bad for your mental health.

At this stage of your life, self actualization, self love, self priority and happiness are what you need and trust me, by the time you make it a priority to get the best out of life, this will inadvertently gravitate men to you. It's like a charm figuring what men are attracted to. Some ladies literally do nothing and men do come while some have to really put in more work. And when men do come, you will know that is a man for you.

Before I give this third advise let me share this very touching story...

I remember a certain lady who contacted me about 6years ago and she said she has made up her mind to be a single mum if she turns 36. She is still unmarried and asking me to be ready to donate sperm for her because she sees me as a responsible guy and naturally cultured. Furthermore, she will not put any pressure on me to be financially responsible for the child as she is well to do. She just want to have a child to avoid a situation where she will reach menopause and still childless.

Sadly, and you know we do plan but life will always happen completely different from what we planned. Unfortunately she left this world before she could make this happen.


The paramount purpose of a lady is not necessarily marriage but to multiply, bring forth new generations and replenish the earth. It feels like a natural thing to do or have. The good thing is that with the modern science and technology advancement, any lady can achieve this without getting married.

Believe it or not, it is better to get a sperm donor and be a single mum than getting married under pressure to a jerk who will make life hell for you. The society is progressing and making it possible for single parents to have equal value of life.

You don't have to sleep with him and he needs not be financially responsible for the child but just for you to point to somebody in future as the child's father. This will let you relax to get a better choice of a husband.

4. A man who will love you will love you.

Some may say once they are single mums, guys will run from them and YES I agree but this will also attract real men who understand that single motherhood is not a taboo but in fact a proof that a lady is fertile, independent, assuring, knows what she wants, shes ready, a proof that she is responsible enough to have a child.

5. And lastly but not recommended If you are open to polygamy, what can I say? There may be some settings that might make it work. After all it is all about our happiness and doing what we feel is right without anyone getting hurt or hated.

This is an opinionated advise.

I hope this makes sense.

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Have faith the tides are gonna ride in your favour soon

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She should stop whatever is stopping her suitors from coming

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It’s not the end of world and marriage is not everything. Do things that makes you happy if it’s spiritually your spiritual life with God, academically and so forth . The world paint marriage as a big deal you can get married when the time is right cause marriage is not something you should rush never!

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