We Cannot Continue To Mandate That The Igbos Remain In Nigeria While We Brutally Marginalize And Exclude Them From The Power Dynamic - Adebanjo Explains Why Afenifere Is Backing Peter Obi

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We Cannot Continue To Mandate That The Igbos Remain In Nigeria While We Brutally Marginalize And Exclude Them From The Power Dynamic - Adebanjo Explains Why Afenifere Is Backing Peter Obi

Ayo Adebanjo, leader of Afenifere, has explained why the Yoruba socio-cultural group is backing Peter Obi, Labour Presidential candidate, in the 2023 election.


Adebanjo, in a statement released on Monday, September 26, said their support for Obi in the election is part of its contribution to shaping Nigeria into a federation "where no person or ethnic nationality is oppressed."

The group, which stated that it is backing Obi's presidential bid based on the principle of equity and federal character as enshrined in the constitution, added that other tribes in Nigeria couldn't continue to demand that the Igbos remain in Nigeria while brutally marginalizing and excluding them from the power dynamic. 


The statement read; 


"In the 2023 general elections countdown, long before the parties conducted their conventions to elect their national executives and candidates. We had insisted and still advocated restructuring before the elections proposing a synthesis of the identical resolutions of the 2014 National Conference and the APC El-Rufai 2018 True Federalism Committee.

"We did this as Afenifere and on the broader spectrum of the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF). The SMBLF unanimously proposed that the minimum condition for a peaceful transition from the disastrous eight years of Buhari's government headed by a President of northern extraction was to have the next President from the South.

"This position was also supported by all the southern governors, irrespective of their political parties, at a meeting held in Asaba, Delta State.

"Incidentally, this North/South consideration which is at the very root of our amalgamated federation, is also the essential testament of all political parties in Nigeria. The federal character principle enshrined in the constitution dictates the federation's government. Or any part thereof shall not be concentrated in any ethnic group or a combination of such groups.

"It is, therefore, preposterous to adopt this principle for employment in public service admissions in educational institutions, political appointment, the composition of the executive committee of a political party, only to scrap it in the most crucial question of rulership of the federation.

"In this quest for peace, based on equity and inclusiveness, the Yoruba took the first turn at the zoning arrangement in 1999, and that led to the emergence of Chief Obasanjo; the current Vice President is a Yoruba man, and equity forbids us for presuming to support another Yoruba person for the Presidency in 2023. 

The current President is a Fulani from the Northwest, and under the zoning arrangement that has governed Nigeria since 1999, power is supposed to return to the South imminently.

"The southwest, as I have pointed out, has produced a president and currently sits as VP. the south-south has spent six years in the Presidency. But the Igbo people of the southeast have never tasted Presidency in Nigeria, and now that the power is due back in the South, equity demands that it be ceded to the Igbo.

"We cannot continue to demand that the Igbo people remain in Nigeria while we simultaneously continue to marginalize and exclude them from the power dynamic brutally.

"Peter Obi is the person of Igbo extraction that Afenifere has decided to support and back; he is the man we trust to restructure the country back to federalism on the assumption of office.

"We will not compromise this principle of justice, equity, and inclusiveness because one of our own, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is a frontline candidate.

"It is on this same principle we condemn the PDP for sponsoring Atiku Abubakar, a Northern Fulani Muslim, to succeed General Muhammadu Buhari, another Fulani Muslim, who will soon complete eight years of uneventful and disastrous rule.

"One can imagine such a high degree of political insensitivity."

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Nigeria∘Last activity 2 months ago

Pa Adebanjo is speaking nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, we hate facts and honesty in Nigeria, but those who feel they own Nigeria and its resources will be put to shame this time around. God has blessed Nigeria immeasurably but na our leaders dey mess up, but their evil cup don complete.

Well said, Sir. Give the igbos a chance, too, or let them go. All tribes own Nigeria, and none is of any higher status. I am Yoruba, a card-carrying member of APC, but for presidential elections in Lagos, my votes go to OBi. The rest I choose according to my mind on the election day. Simple

Nigerian political class and the tribalism of some people are so unique. The answer is too glaring even for the blind. On the one hand, you say Unity, and on the other, you want the Igbos to leave Lagos included. Why don't you allow an Igbo president, and then we can all have a yardstick to criticize or analyze the situation as we advance? It is simple, but greed and sectional politics won't allow some to see beyond their noses. Some want the best man to be president, but it must not be from the east. Am confused, honestly πŸ™„

Nigeria∘Last activity 2 months ago

You are right, and I can't continue in a marginalized region. It's a cheat. I tire o, make dem leave us dem no gree, allow us dem no gree no be witchcraft be that, but God passes them the way Igbos take achieve their dreams go be like a dream for their eye.

Tinubu will be shocked how many Yoruba youth will vote for OBI or sowore it's better to waste my vote than to end in SAPA.

Nigeria∘Last activity 2 months ago


2 months ago

Nigeria∘Last activity 2 months ago

The current campaign is the end of Fulani minority rule in 2022, the way British minority rule ended in 1960. End of Fulani minority rule in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Fulani minority rule destroyed the education system of this territory's natives and killed the social and economic existence of this territory's natives. 

Only the end of the Fulani minority rule in 2022 will fix the sustainable education system of this territory's natives and improve the sustainable social and economic existence of this territory. British bandits violently invaded our God-given native lands to decide our existence on our God-given native lands. We fought them in bloody diplomatic engagement, defeated them, and drove them away with their union jack in 1960. 

Fulani terrorists from Futa Jalon led by Ahmadu Bello hijacked this territory natives' victory over British minority rule in 1960. and declared Nigeria estate of their great grandfather Usman Dan Fodio, said they would ruthlessly prevent the change of power, said they would use minorities in the north as helpful tools and south as conquered territory. 

Fulanis from Futa Jalon are tenants on our God-given native lands and are not up to 0.1% population of this territory. Why wouldn't we slaughter the little rats from Futa Jalon on every inch of our God-given native lands for our security and freedom on our God-given native lands? 1804 fraud nickname Fulani caliphate with its emirates has ended in which only Hausa people of the north are legitimate traditional rulers, political office holders, etc., over their God-given native lands. 

1914 fraud nickname Nigeria is Yugoslavia of Africa, in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Abaribe is interim president of the Biafra Republic of the southeast. 

Wike is interim president of the Niger Delta Republic of the south. Tinubu is acting president of the Oduduwa Republic of the southwest. David Mark is interim president of the Middle Belt Republic. Ali Ndume is interim president of the North East Republic. Kwakwanso is interim president of the North West Republic. Abuja is the final conquest for Fulani Aso Rock Rock destruction for the end of Fulani minority rule now in this 2022 the way British minority rule ended in 1960. 

Nigeria∘Last activity 2 months ago

Aside from this, which among the prominent Presidential candidates can one risk for a better Nigeria? One that's been accused of stealing the National commonwealth. to the fact that he can feed several citizens for several years or one that has pocketed the whole State and has identity and qualifications issues. The whole INEC 2023 is a sham having on the list of the topmost Offices aspirants with unresolved public matters.

Bat Urchins won't like this news at all. I hope you stay safe. May wetin happen to Funsho Williams not happen to you.

Please loud it for them to hear. Pa Adebanjo is close to his maker, so he wants to do the right thing. Vote Wisely, Vote PO, Vote LP.

God bless you, sir. This is an honest elder statement.

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