Video - Nigerian Man Complains That His German Wife Should Not Peel Yam With A Peeler Instead Of A Knife.

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A Nigerian man has shared the video of his German Wife peeling yam with a peeler instead of a knife. The surprised man said it was unsuitable as she used a peeler, insinuating that the gods would be angry.

In her defense, the lady said it was difficult for her to use the knife, and the peeler was much more manageable.

Video - Nigerian Man Complains That His German Wife Should Not Peel Yam With A Peeler Instead Of A Knife.

Video - Nigerian Man Complains That His German Wife Should Not Peel Yam With A Peeler Instead Of A Knife.

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It’s a large potato, and Nigerian men no dey try when picking oyibo women as wives.

The yam peeler is very effective and doesn’t take too much of your time also no risk of using a knife to cut your hand by mistake, and you also save a lot of yams that would have gone with the peels.

So I recommend this to everyone.

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That's obtainable for a wife, especially if you are not stinkingly rich like successful footballers and musicians.

Abeg, post your wife's picture at the same age as her without filter or make-up make we check something?

I thought people marry because they love the person and the person matches them.

No, be wetin una dey preach?

For the record, if that woman should lose like 8kg and toned, she will look better.


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Large potato. That's what my oyinbo friend called yam. I took him to Jevinik restaurant in Abuja. I ordered my favorite pounded yam with vegetable soup. I asked him to make his orders. He said he'd eat my type of food. I said to myself, this guy dey find wahala today. I ordered pounded yam with egusi soup for him. I asked the attendant to bring along cutlery when coming. My order arrived first, and I started eating with my hand. He was served his. To my amazement, he washed his hands and began to eat the pounded yam with his hand too.

He now asked, what's this? It tastes so good he almost finished the goat meat inside the soup. I told him it's made of yam. He asked what's yam, you mean a large potato? I googled yam and showed him. He now said ooooh!

I never knew oyinbo called large yam potatoes, maybe because they make potatoes from it.

One day in an African grocery in the Aurora area of Chicago, my friend I visited said we should get some food to eat. We went to the store to buy gari and soup ingredients. Inside the store was a large container filled with yam tubers, a white lady asked me, please, what's this? I said yam tubers. She wondered what yam tuber is. I think they know yam as potatoes.

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Take heart, Mr. Man, and calm down. That woman is doing her best at this moment. Don't you hear that practice makes perfect? To begin is the problem, but after that success story follows.

Even some African and Nigerians or just-wedded ladies do not know how to make Eba talk less of peeling a yam! The only kitchen tools typical Naija know na just knife and cutlass. 

It is a pity how we think the gods only want us to live a hard life and not be able to think of making things much easy in our daily life. I was shocked a lecturer at one university in Northern Nigeria said that he prefers washing with his hand to using a washing machine because washing machines make us Lazy. Can you imagine a poverty mentality?

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You guys dump everything on the Internet on I don't understand. The device was invented to do just that and make life easier. Why use a knife if you prefer the peeler? It's not like he was the one cooking. And it's not like the food test differently based on how it's peeled. So what's the drama about? Too many Nigerian men are not good wives if they use washing machines, pounding machines, dishwashers, etc. They take pride in seeing their wives do things the hard way, even if the family can afford these devices. But this one wants to make a video for attention. He's even lucky she didn't give it to him to peel. Lol

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