Vehicle Number Plates Is Fading. Is It Illegal To Repaint It?

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My vehicle's number plates are about 6 years old and about faded. I intend taking to an artist for a makeover. To replace them through FRSC will cost about 25K naira while an artist will collect about 5K naira to do a decent job. My worry is if it's against the law.

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Why r u bringing this delicate matter .

If your car body fade at some point, won't u repaint it again.

What kind of question is this.

So u want hard-working govt-neglected Nigerians to use minimum wage to buy another plate number for money-looting already-overfed govt official.

It just common sense na.

U should have asked your colleagues,

U will get answers.


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I was once stopped by FRSC official because of faded plates. He advised me to use an artist to repaint it.

So it is NOT illegal to repaint the plate.

Doesn't even make economic sense to spend 25k on new plates that will fade after barely 2years.


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we are living is a country where all sectors are corrupt. Why not print on plates to last for 15 yrs, rather than 5 years. Every public office has an ATM machine for stealing. In USA/Canada, their printings last for 3 decades.

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Here is what I did when in a similar situation.

Used a fine brush to make out the letterings in glossy blue colour. Took the plates to painter who coated it with clear coat.

Then I never accepted when stopped that it was my handwork. I always insisted that this was how they issued it to me.

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Same here bro! Mine is 8yrs and barely visible even at arm's length.

I've considered repainting it myself ( shouldn't cost me more than 2k), I only worry if it won't fade off yet again after two or three visits to the car wash!

BTW, what Law are you talking about? undecided the one that decides what costmetic changes you make on your car? abi the one that gave you fading number plates? I would even sue them for selling a fading number plate to me! It wasn't in their terms of sale that I signed when buying it! There should have been a caveat.

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Yes. The law states that faded plates should be replaced.

Whoever is responsible for printing these plates is doing a very poor job. These plates start fading into the second year of use.

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