Tinubu Insists He Brought Buhari To Power And Will Succeed Him.

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Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has promised to end unemployment in the country if he emerges victorious at this month’s general elections.

Addressing the crowd that stormed Freedom Park, Osogbo, Osun State venue of his rally ahead of the February 25 presidential election, yesterday, the former Lagos State governor also pledged to make credit available for business owners.

He said: “We brought them into power, and we will succeed them,” adding that he had been in a political struggle for a long; hence no one could intimidate him.

“Keep your mind at rest. On election day, even if they extend polling boots to Egbatedo, we will win. We will establish industries. We will have registration centers for unemployed youths. All of you who have gone to university and have degrees will be separately grouped, and others who have learned skills will be separately grouped. We will provide jobs for you all.

“Our children will no longer roam the streets without being in school. We will ensure that your children go to school and get quality education. They didn’t send you to schools to suffer in vain. You will prosper; you will become governors, lawyers, doctors, and great people,” he told the crowd.

In Osogbo, Tinubu insists he helped Buhari to power and will succeed him — Nigeria — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

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Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Nigerians, don't fall for this cock and bull story about a mysterious "cabal" behind the scenes.

The absolute truth is that the overwhelming bulk of the higher-denominated new currencies (like 1000 and 500 nairas) that the CBN is minting are being kept in a strategic reserve for APC's presidential candidate and gubernatorial candidates to use ahead of February 25th.

APC is abusing the power of its incumbency to rig both the Electoral system and the financial system for the advantage of its candidates at all levels. Both the expired dùllard from Daura and the bedwetter from Iragbiji know what they're doing, and that is why you must take your pound of flesh from them come February 25th.

Meanwhile, they are using the Kaduna midget and the political prostitute called Fake Fraudulent Kleptomaniac (FFK) to spread fake news about a mystery "cabal," which is under the control of the opposition political parties.

Nigerians! Aren't you tired of being lied to? Have you not noticed that these criminals have a track record of creating phantom "cabals" and blaming these "cabals" while the APC criminals are busy lining their pockets with dollars and naira?

Have you not noticed that the current naira scarcity, just like the dollar, fuel, and PVC scarcity, is only benefitting ONE PARTY CALLED APC?

Will you wait until your blood becomes scarce before you realize that these rodents don't mean well to you?

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God bless you, my dear. I told some people that Tinubu and Buhari are playing a script. The game plan is to create a fake enmity between themselves. Tinubu would give the impression that Buhari doesn't like him and that some mysterious Cabals are behind fuel and naira scarcity.

Then people would start sympathizing with Tinubu and say he is the one that can defeat the Cabals, so let Us vote for him. While Hell Rufai, the midget terrorist, would spice it up with his fake news. This politics is their game plan. Nigerians, be wise and vote wisely. APC is a demonic anti-people occultic party. Please don't, and I repeat, don't vote for this useless terrorist that doesn't care about you.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Let's see, now. What a bad-mouthed man he is, so full of himself. No decent man talks this way. IBB had proved him wrong on this. Buhari would just be smiling at him. He knows how to pluck his teeth. The bullionaire of the bouillon won't take delivery of bullion vans this time.

Does he have money of his own? He used our money in Lagos to sponsor Buhari, period. We will do justice to that in a couple of weeks.

We will also pay back with our ballot for the military he ordered through that puppet to come to disperse us at the Lekki toll gate in 2020, thinking our protest was a threat to his utopian political ambition when we were busy fighting for justice for those Nigerians killed brutally by the police. After all, our people are always at the receiving end. His unsympathetic character shows who he truly is. RIP, Bola Raheem, and co.


one month ago

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Asiwaju Tinubu is among the leaders who worked hard to ensure PMB gets his eight years, and it is now his turn to replace the APC's slot for the Presidency. He will replace President Buhari's government space and keep everyone from doing so.

Replacing PMB is a victory for APC and PMB, who can serve up to 8 years.

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You're still repeating the error in his statement. The presidency is not turned by turn or who did the roll call. It has to be Tinubu's turn. It is the turn of a competent, vibrant, healthy, and above all, God-fearing man or woman from any part of the country and cannot be a particular man.

Nigeria doesn't want an arrogant president. Nigeria doesn't wish to be a kleptomaniac president. Nigeria wants something other than a powerful politician.

Nigeria doesn't need who will keep to the bureaucracy of theft and underdevelopment. What we need now is a God-fearing man or woman, a man or woman that will be contented with what he/she has, a man that will think of the future of the unborn and not eat tomorrow today.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

He is a Loose Cannon.

He's wailing uncontrollably while Buhari and his Fulani gang are busy tweaking the knife inside his presidential ambitions. Though he said the Fulani and the Yoruba are Siamese twins? What gave?

Whatever made the most corrupt politician in Africa assume that the presidency of the most populated black nation on earth is there for his taking is simply stunning. This country's politics badly need to be fumigated!

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

We will have bad news for you urchins and thiefnubbu in a few weeks when the election results start coming out.

You are your Thiefnnubu and should buy adequate BP drugs and a BP monitoring apparatus. Do well to record the election result and your Blood pressure reading simultaneously. I want to check something.

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one month ago

I'm not political, but I've been thinking about this a lot. Tinubu may help bring more development to Nigeria. He has done a lot to develop areas, despite his thuggery. However, if he can't fix the power supply issue, it won't happen. The promise of more jobs is going to be null and void.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

He is a Shameless greedy man with a shady character who desperately tries to hijack power for selfish gains.

By now, APC and Tinubu should know that Nigerians no longer accept all these lies and fake assurances during electioneering campaigns. Sadly, a senile character like BAT can't come to terms with this current reality based on his recent indiscretions and buffoonery.


one month ago

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Tinubu made Buhari what he is today. Believe it or not, the Jagaban is coming

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I hope you read this, my people. "Tinubu made Buhari what he is today," a boy born a few years ago said.

Young boy, when Buhari was Head of State, Tinubu was still looking and searching for direction. The highest post in Nigeria today is GCFR, and Buhari has had it since 1983, but a boy born just yesterday is heralding to his clique that Tinubu made Buhari what he is today. What a lost direction.

He will also make himself to be what he made Buhari be today. Since he is the only one making people, no one made him, and no one has ever helped him.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Why does he have to remove the same people he installed? Why? Do they need to be helping to establish him also?

If it is because of the wrong policies, why does he want to continue where Buhari stopped?

Something is wrong, and any right thing human being knows this and will do the needful.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Elrufai, Tinubu, and Buhari, we know the game you all are playing. We are well prepared and ready. We no longer believe a single word you all say. You fight in public but fvck and party together in private. The masses cannot he fooled any longer. We will hurl you all down with our PVC. ObI is coming

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

Baba wanted to campaign with Buhari's achievements but saw that it wouldn't fly when he said he would continue from where Buhari stopped.

Now he sees that the masses are unhappy and want to capitalize on that to act as if he is for the groups. This him yeye logic no fit work.

Bola TinubuLast activity one month ago

After eight years of disaster and desolation, can APC now rescue us from APC when Tinubu has vowed to follow in the footsteps of Buhari? Can the devil fight satan's kingdom? If Tinubu has an idea, why can't he share it with Buhari? I'm confused!

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