Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Could Have Changed?

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When one sees Reno Omokri castigating Peter Obi lately, it's almost impossible to believe there was a time Reno gave him so much admiration.

What changed?

Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Could Have Changed?

Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Could Have Changed?

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For our own sake and generations unborn, Nigerians, let us retire the last two big men in our politics. Atiku and Tinubu will be prominent men presidents, arrogant, proud, and full of themselves.

No one will be able to question them, just as it is with Buhari now. Atiku and Tinubu believe they have seen everything and know everything; no one can challenge them.

Vote for a President like Obi who can relate with people of all social classes and come down to the people's level.

Someone who has the mental capacity and energy to get the job done. Someone who can engage in intense intellectual debates to find solutions to our lingering crisis

Someone who can hold marathon meetings and read reports. Someone who will bring respect, seriousness, and dignity to the office of the president, someone who will make education a focal point of governance

Someone who will give the youths hope that they too can become president by dint of hard work, not older men who have been in politics for over 30 years +

Vote someone who will cut and reduce the cost of governance; our government is too bloated and is run at a very high price to the detriment of ordinary Nigerians

Someone who will move around the country to see things for himself, for example, we can see how Governor Zulum moves around himself, and the situation in Bornu has improved today.

Vote someone who can be called to order if he is derailing, not big men on high horses who will look down on people.

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Reno another fake pastor. Politics I guess. This man is just an attention seeker. Who takes Reno seriously, he's just like Segalink, FFK.


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No condition is permanent. I used to praise Atiku, too, because I felt I had NO OTHER OPTION.

Like me, Reno has a choice and THE RIGHT TO CHANGE HIS FEELINGS whenever. l for WHATEVER REASON. Situations and feelings change.

Ask APC or PDP supporters like FFK. 

Even this Obi-MESSIAH can be crucified tomorrow. Ask your “Jesus.”

The golden boys like Fashola and Ribadu turned out to be shyte-heads.

No condition is permanent but CHANGE.’ 

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Money has changed hands. Reno na money for hand yansh for ground

Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Could Have Changed?


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He said Peter Obi set the bar high for other politicians. However, he also acknowledged that Obi has never taken any money from Anambra's government since his tenure ended as a governor, not even a pension.

Reno supports PO, but he can't do that publicly. His Oga Atiku is also a presidential candidate.

Reno is just annoying with his double-face politics in recent times.

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Atiku bribes changed everything. A godless man can sell his soul for money. What has changed is that Reno is now licking Athiefku's ass. 

Obi is miles ahead of all the other aspirants if you remove Tribal, Religious, party sentiments & monetary inducements. 

Tinubu is a PLACE HOLDER for gov Shettima; the earlier you people realize this, the better oo.

Most of this person pushing this Drug Lord doesn't know there's a plan to install him by fire by force, and when he is tired and sick before two years, Shettima will be sworn in as president, and more Kabir Sokoto will be hiding in his house.

Even Yaradua was way stronger than him before he became president.

Affliction shall not rise the second time.

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