Those Girls That Only Date Cute Guys, How Do You Cope In Nigeria?

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Good evening everyone, so I came across a particular status post on my WhatsApp, which made me explore more thinking, and I arrived at this specific question: girls that date cute guys, how do you cope? I understand everyone has a sight for something good; we all desire and always want it to belong to us. This makes the competition very high etc. sha.. even with the increased competition, I haven't seen anyone in their proper sense ever desiring something terrible or poor. We all want the best in humans, finances, careers, etc. Gbogbo wa la Mon ikan to da, gbo gbo wa la de n Fe. So on the verge of realizing this point, I became troubled a little, that what if the guy I later chose to go with is cute and girls are all over him? How do I cope, what are the things I need to understand to make my relationship with him last, and much more guidance sha? So I deem it fit to open a thread on it, to learn from relationship gurus cheesy. Because I can remember well, I have an elder brother who is dark and very cute, and I know how girls throw themselves over him, etc .. in fact, girls wey even dey serious relationships o .. wey old pass himself. Like girls that some have even done introduction o, o deep cheesy. Pls, share your thoughts.

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In life, you have to do your best to be a good person, a good mate, and let the rest fall into place...whether a guy is cute or not, if he doesn't respect the r/ship you guys have, then he will cheat. So make sure you choose a guy that respects your r/ship and basta.

You can do nothing to stop cheating, disrespectful/deceitful/untrustworthy partners from being different.

Life is too valuable to waste time worrying day and night about what your partner is (or maybe) doing. People who don't suffer from low self-esteem/insecurity will be fine.


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Serious-minded women avoid guys who look fair and cute like a woman.

Most of these so-called cute guys are pvssies.

I'm not a cute guy and don't want to be; men should be manly, and women should be girly. Simple!

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Dear Op, forget all you read about trust and respect here. The "if your guy loves you bla bla bla." The reality is dating someone that everybody wants is not easy. Believe me when I say it takes more than love and respect from a guy; you as a woman have a lot to do.

Number 1 question

How confident are you in yourself, your partner, and your relationship?

What's the basis of your relationship?

How committed and connected are you to each other?

What makes you different from other women out there?

What's that unique value in you?

You are good to go if you can answer these questions and have both logical and practical answers.

The above may seem like walking on eggshells to some ladies, but it's OK. But if you want a cute guy of value with you, don't leave the work to him alone. You have to keep that fire burning. It must burn so much that he feels your heat while you are miles away.

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Person wey no get hope dey advice person wey get hope. Life shaa. Lmao

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Beauty is a big deal in this part of the world. But from experience, most beautiful women/guys are empty inside. Life is more than dating, you know.

When I was young, many girls rejected my advances because I have this full lips that are pretty pronounced.

As I grew older, it kind of became smaller.

The rejections from girls made me focus on other productive things; I

t gets lonely sometimes, though.

Life is just like that. You can't have everything at the same time.

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This got me laughing...I once had a friend in university back then; she would peck me on my shirt to leave a lipstick stain...and she would say so that the girls in my faculty would know I was old days...


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I don't know how they cope. But they can keep malice with you for over a week until you make them understand it's nothing serious.

Some even go ahead and flirt with other guys to make them feel jealous too.

If a cute guy values you and understands how you feel, then insecurity would be at its barest minimum; who loves you won't stress you at all.

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