This Time Around It Was Bunch Of OBIdients. Bunch Of OBIdients , Bunch Of OBIdients Surrounded In Abuja, Surrounded In Abuja. When I Came I Said Jesus. What A Life. I Said, Agbado, I Cannot Do This Again. Let Me Go. Election Is Not Do Or Die. 😂

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This time around it was bunch of OBIdients. Bunch of OBIdients , Bunch of OBIdients surrounded in Abuja, surrounded in Abuja. When I came I said Jesus. What a life. I said, Agbado, I cannot do this again. Let me go. Election is not do or die. 😂

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It has become a norm that people are supposed to have some rest of their minds and enjoy themselves every weekend. Peter Obi's supporters have to turn it into a weekend of terror, pain, tears, and torture to the camp of foolishly demonic slowpokes that have vowed to become useless and unfortunate in life.

Please, for the sake of God, the pressure and tension are too much because the mental health you guys are giving all these agents of darkness and backwardness is not good. I plead on their behalf for you guys to exercise caution and pity and mercy on them because they don't know what they're doing.

Lastly, as all these rallies are like this, what would the 1st October rallies look like, especially that of Lagos? So I implore Peter Obi's supporters. The lover of truth and the progressive minds of honesty tamper justice with mercy and always know that all Nigerians deserve compassion. Because if some of these Tinubu's miscreants and Atiku's hungry vultures die of HBP, it won't make any sense via the prayers of sane Nigerians for everybody to be alive and enjoy the new Nigeria that will start with Peter Obi's presidency.

I rest my case. Gracias!!!!

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