This One No Be Money: Fuel Reseller Rejects 100 Dollar Bill Given To Him (Video)

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A hundred dollar bill was rejected by fuel resellers after it was offered to them by a customer who patronized them.

A customer bought twenty litres of fuel from the black market and decided to pay the fuel resellers with a one hundred dollar note, but the fuel resellers refused to accept the money as a means of payment.

The first seller looked at the money and rejected it and the foreign currency was handed to his partner.

"Oga, this one no be money," the second man said and refused to accept it.

The customer told him, "na hundred dollars be this o."

"I no believe," the fuel seller responded.

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Better safe than sorry!

Imagine presenting a fake 100$ bill to his oga,

That was a real note though

Why can't the buyer pay in Nigerian currency. Why must everything be used to chase clout.

E fit be fake dollars seff, carry am go Bureau de change make dem change your face for you.

See as e position camera, he was expecting the hustler to start jumping and praising him.

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You Nigerians always see everything as oppression or clout. Poverty is the reason for this insecurity. If we are all rich, we will hardly complain about others having fun or creating contents for social media. Do you know how much original content creators make? This video alone can generate the guy who recorded it or the fuel seller money or fame. If it generates fame first, the fame can be turned to money. If it generates money first, the money can be turned to fame.

FuelLast activity one year ago

Why you go give person money wey him no sabi and wey him never see before? He is playing safe biko

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