The Meaning Of Emilokan Or Awalokan

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Ours is an ever-degrading politics where people can't hold any meaningful social media talk without resorting to "substance-free, lying, tendentious, and unthinking insult-fest that we have become accustomed to in Nigerian political public relations" (a la Prof. Farooq Kperogi) BAT and his "Awalokans" (It's our turn) aside, have Nigerians pondered the meaning of Tinubu's "Emilokan" (It's my turn) assertion? Think about it deeply and thoroughly. In this troubled Nigerian political topography, have you ever pondered the meaning of Emilokan / Awalokan and what that perspective signifies for our checkered-tottering nation?

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Peter ObiLast activity one month ago

It's a symbol of how our "politicians" view their jobs. Envision the sense of entitlement for somebody to run for office not to serve the people but instead because "it's my turn," as if Nigeria is just some plaything used among children.

To proclaim that with your chest proudly, you must have zero understanding of the situation. In America, Obama's slogan was "Yes, WE can." Joe Biden's own was "unite for a better America." Even Donald trumps own was "Make America great again," but this 'roasted corn agbado' brainiac decided that "it's my turn" was inspiring and hopeful.

It's SELFISH and tone-deaf. It's an illustration of what it means to be an African politician.

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I couldn't have said it better.

Peter ObiLast activity one month ago

You nailed it here.

Glaringly and shamelessly, Emilokan was articulating to his Awalokans that it was his/their turn to take and waste Nigeria as the "born to rule" Fulani cabals have done.

Note: Discerning & principled Yorubas are not in agreement with Emilokan & his Awalokans.

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