Teenagers Are Seen Acting Out After Getting High At Pajamas Party (video)

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An online video shows minors acting out after getting high at a pajama sleep over party. The party appeared to have alcohol and other substances available for the minors. As the party was underway, the minors were filmed kissing each other, dancing seductively, and grinding against each other. The video also shows some writhing on the floor following suspected substance abuse.

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The so-called leader of tomorrow. Useless generation of decadency. What a generation. Tomorrow, the boy go bleep her raw with his tiny hairy dick, and his shameless mother will rejoice like that American idiot rejoicing to be a Grand mother at 36. Shame to you all and una parents

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Generation of allow people do what they love doing { mind Your business Generation } lemme mind my business in peace ✌️

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This is really sad. Drug abuse is really damaging lives all over the Nigeria but much more in the North. A research carried out showed that Kano state has the highest number of drug abusers in Nigeria and by extension Africa. Every 1 out of 4 youth in Kano state is abusing one or more drugs according to researches. There is a very serious need to declare emergency in this area by government, parents, schools ,families , churches, mosques etc. All hands need to be on deck to tame this menace or else in the next few years the leaders of tomorrow may be drug addicts and wrecks. Right parenting is very key in correcting this menace. Also peer pressure need to be tackled. Show me your friend and I can tell who you are.

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