Super Eagles Assistant Coach Finidi George Is Seen Lobbying For Pepe's Jersey With Moses Simon After Nigeria's 4-0 Defeat To Portugal.

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A mild drama was captured after the Super Eagles of Nigeria were thrashed 4-0 by Portugal in a friendly match on Thursday night. After the game's final whistle, Super Eagles assistant coach Finidi George got into an argument with winger Moses Simon over Pepe's jersey. In the video, the Nigerian football legend was not pleased that Simon beat him to the post-game ritual, which involves players exchanging their jerseys as a sign of fair play.

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Finidi a whole legend , u dey drag cloth with Simon moses when you lost a game of 4-0.. See how he disgraced him self on national television

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This just goes to show that 99% of the issues in that country aren't even caused by the government... imagine, losing 4-0 and then celebrating a loss, and then adding a national embarrassment to the whole equation??? Lol I feel sorry for the incoming president of that country.

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Finidi was merely cautioning Simon not to exchange jersey as it's unsportsmanlike to do that after such a heavy defeat... he's not dragging any shirt or lobbying for one.. if you watch football, you will understand this situation better.

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For an assistant manager whose team lost 4-0 to a country preparing for World Cup, u nor fit use the shame for dressing room but na to collect Jersey Dey ur mind...these just shows the level of unserious with the NFA

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This is ridiculous. An Assistant coach, a retired international, whose team has just been whitewashed not sober about the results, but jostling for a jersey of Pepe, a spent Force, of all players. Shame nor get second name..walahi

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How are you sure he is asking for pepe jersey, George finidi is a legend and might be he is saying something else to him, please don't bring him down for what you are not sure about...

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There’s nothing shameless about it. He admires the player, and he wanted his jersey. It’s just awkward that Moses Simon got there before him. If I was Moses I’d give Jersey to my coach. No big deal

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