Singer, Portable Fires Studio Staff For Making Only ₦7,000 Within Six Weeks.

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Zaazu singer, Portable, has said that he fired those he hired to manage his studio after they claimed they only made ₦7000 during his six-weeks stay abroad. In an interview shared online, Portable said that he makes up to ₦15 million in five days when he manages the studio himself, but to his surprise, his staff gave him an account of ₦7,000 when he returned from a six-week trip. Speaking in Pidgin and Yoruba language, the singer said "I build studio, they no gree make money. Dem dey chop all my money, na why I pursue them. Studio wey be say me anytime I record, I make two million, three million, four million. In five days, I fit make ₦15 million. I travelled for one month and two weeks, I con ask them how much them make, they say they make 7000 naira.”

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I keep telling people, we don’t have unemployment issues, but a lack of integrity in those hired. Everybody wants to dupe you from your capital. Not knowing that when the business goes down, they are out of job.

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 thank you for this post. In 9ja, employees are more powerful than employers. Their mission is always what to carte away. Not what value to add to the business.

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It's very possible they stole your money, it's also possible your presence always brought the customers... As you no de, customers jakpa cos they want to feel the Zazu effect on the music, not some studio worker effect 🏃🏃

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how much for one studio section? Even if na 4k and na only 4 people come in 6 weeks.... Do the calculation yourself

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In 2022 Zazuuu has seen different forms of Shege, from Shege Banza, to Shege Dangoroba. Just when we thought He might have recovered from the destruction done to the windshield of His Range Rover, rippers season 7 stepped in...

Zazuuu = Omo x 1000😂😂😂😂😂

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