Should I Marry A Woman With More Sexual Experience Than I Have Or Will Her Sexual History Affect Our Marital Happiness?

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Life no balance at all. If you try to balance life, you go crash like crazy. That's what your pastors will not tell you. So, flow with it.

There is no sure thing as a sexual quota. And there is no such thing as a ‘hoe’. Men that slut-shaming women are not mature to be in a grown-up relationship. No lady is accountable to any man for her past. It's none of a man's business. And a body that is in good health naturally heals and becomes new again.

That lady A has only one guy she sleeps with from when she was 15 till she clocked 30 and married him. Lady B has a body count of 100 before her 30th birthday. But whatever, the truth is both ladies had sex and they don't owe you any explanation.

If you are going to marry for 'purity" then look for a virgin girl. Do not condemn a man who wants a team player, homemaker, companion, and someone who can resonate with him. A virgin girl can tick all the boxes agreed and if you find that virgin girl with these qualities good luck. There is a lady out there for every man. Time is hard and getting harder and while the world is moving forward, the average Nigerian man is still talking about body count. Shouldn't you be worried about a lady who can build a great home with you, so your generation won't abuse or laugh at you? A good lady is one and with the help of her man is strong enough to maneuver through any worse situation in life. Whether you are wealthy or you are coming up, I would like to think you need a proper woman to build your home with you. And if she is the one, then go for it!

So far, my time in this uncertain world, both in the corporate and among great minds that I socialize with, I care about women that are super women, with cultured values, that are exact replica of their beautiful values and traditions, great ethics, clean, abilities to accept responsibility, and willingness to learn something good. Never for once within my circles of friends of learned minds do I care about what a woman does with her body. Only if she is my woman, then I can say that her body is my body, and my body is her body too. What you do when you are in a relationship with me is what matters.

To that man who is in a decent relationship:

I know how you feel. When you develop strong feelings for a girl, it’s hard to think of her being with other guys. Even though you can rationalize that her past relationships happened before you met, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept that there were others who had been intimate with her. But you can’t dwell on this. It will destroy you, and it will destroy your relationship with her.

Unless she is very flirtatious and loves all the attention that she can get from other guys, then that's when you can be worried. If she were a “hoe" then how did you guys meet? Maybe, you are a hoe digger too! If she were a stripper, then you probably met her going to strip clubs too. You should know all these already. Remember that change is a natural occurrence of our human nature. We are progressive in nature.

Don’t torture yourself with the details. There is no reason for you to know with whom she did it, how many times they did it, what positions they did it in, how big the guys were, and if they were better in bed than you or not. As tempting as it is to ask her these things—don’t! And stop her from voluntarily giving that kind of information. Knowing these things will not help you or your relationship with your girlfriend in any way. They will only become mental and emotional burdens to you—obstacles and barriers that you will constantly have to overcome to treat her the way that she deserves to be treated. You protect yourself and you protect your relationship when you avoid rubbing your nose in her past. I know a decent man that is married to a former stripper. He said - "She is stronger than most women you see out there and she accepts that her past is what made her the super woman that she is today." Let that sink in.

Change the way that you look at people. Start realizing that every one of us is screwed up in some way. Or we were screwed in some way. Life no balance at all. If you try to balance life, you go crash like crazy. That's what your pastors will not tell you. So, flow with it. There are no perfect people. Every single one of us does dumb things and made mistakes in our quest to find love and belonging. Your girlfriend is no exception. Choose to see her through the eyes of love and compassion, rather than through the eyes of judgment and condemnation.

To our ladies. I have one thing to say to you. You don’t need to apologize for your past relationships, and you don't need to explain yourself to any man. Simply understand that all you need is to be loved by someone, and if it didn’t work out, move on, and build your life. Hopefully, your next relationship will work out for you.

Me personally? I’ve never longed to be with a virgin except for an ex. I prefer my sexual partners to already know their way around their own sexuality. I am a sexual man. I see it as a gift and as a moment for me to explore the beautiful creation of God in a woman. I enjoy that my woman is experienced too. That means they’ve gotten some practice LOL. Now I understand that as a man you need some certain confidence that some of you may are probably still forming. Or some sort of respect. Bigger respect goes to the man that is mode, bold and go for a change when others are scared. But, when someone says something derogatory about my woman, I will shut that person up there. If possible, scar that person permanently so they can have something to remind them never to say something belittling about another man's partner to their face. You can say at my back but not to my face. If I choose to assume that the person is an idiot and I will just ignore and walk away.

You must believe in yourself and do what makes you happy if it doesn't hurt the person around you. Ladies out there, know the class of men you allow into your life for the future man that might opt to do a background check on you.

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how can you say a woman's past sexual life is her business only? All those rough life a woman lives will eventually have it's consequences and show up later on. Will she be able to take care of herself years later when the consequences of her dirty life start rearing it's ugly head?

Am sure you are married thats why your reply was like this, You can't compare the things girls are doing Five to Six year back to what they are doing presently in 2021, Now it is is spreading to all girls, they have become potentials. In 2021, A decent girl by evening can become the worst of all sluts by morning. How will I get married to a girl over five guys use for orgy?, How will I marry a girl they are hitting from the front and back at the same time? How will I marry a girl, a guy fisted and used the whole hand?

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Body count matters!

Why do people always ask this kind of rubbish question as if there are no consequences for past actions.

Like which man will be comfortable sleeping with a woman with lot of body counts considering the fact that untreatable std and sti might be transmitted to him and children.

And also which woman will be comfortable having lot of body counts, check those women well. Psychological and emotional they are not ok. This is not a diss but a reality.

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As long as she was not a prostitute or ashewo, You will be fine. Love and Happiness is the Key!

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