Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets

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Me I am voting for the future of Nigeria, with all the possibilities that it holds. Gbadebo is the full representation of the future of Nigeria. A man who' s blood line crosses through different territories in Nigeria and unites the people in every sense.

An educated and brilliant young man with vision to carry lagos forward from its tribal and bigoted past. He represents the future and not the past of Nigeria.

If you are wise young people, vote your future and destroy this alaye attitude that is controlling Lagos state, diminishing its potentials to become one of the greatest cities in black Africa to ever exist.

Vote Gbadebo!

Greatest Nigeria!

Out of many, we will become ONE!

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This election will experience fewer chances of rigging by INEC to appease the youth. Due to discouragement, there would be a small turnout of voters like the previous. Some critical stakeholders would be promised federal portfolios. Hence they should avoid repeating the same game with INEC. The desperate ones would adopt a different strategy, including snatching ballot boxes, disrupting the process, etc.

What I love most about this election is that the people now recognize their powers.

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This guy has won the election. E sure die. That's why Sanwo Olu, who avoided debate, now sends epistles daily to Lagosians.

Sanwo Olu's boys just tried using the ethnic weapon, which backfired during the Presidential elections. They just succeeded in making him more popular. Sanwo Olu has nothing to campaign with and is afraid that the only thing he will try doing is rigging.

But victory is sure for Gbadebo. He is the next governor. The structure and thieving dynasty in which Sanwo Olu is a houseboy must be broken.

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He should be wearing the papa mama pikin' logo/symbol of the Labour Party. There's a reason Obi was doing that... To register it in people's memory and create associative symbolism between the candidate and the logo... Which wouldn't fail when it matters most - at the ballot. Wearing a bland white outfit without even as much as an LP logo cap could mean leaving significant votes on the table.

Obi is a master trader and salesman. Learn the ropes and imitate him to the fullest.

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You all should go out and vote

Don't be scared

Yorubas are not the owner of Lagos

The Binis are the owner.

The so-called lagos is owned by the Binis.

The Binis were the people who named it eko

Please, before you quote and insult me.

Ask the elderly ones in your family, probably your grandparents.

Or rather, walk to any of your monarchs and ask them. They will tell you the history.

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Every structure of Godfatherism and criminality in Lagos state and Nigeria must be dismantled🔥🔥🔥🔥

Labour Party all the way!!!

Obi is Coming!!!

Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets

LagosLast activity 14 days ago

So na, this young boy turn Jide Sanwo Olu into a letter writing Governor. .I don't know between him and Paul, who write pass

LagosLast activity 14 days ago

This one don dey campaign seriously now 💪💥
Sanwo-Olu keep writing letters okay...🤣🤣

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