Religion Is Number One Problem For Nigerians - Soyinka. What Do You Guys Think?

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Religion Is Number One Problem For Nigerians - Soyinka. What Do You Guys Think?

Soyinka said; “All over the place, I find that religion has been cosseted too much. And liberty has been taken by religionists, which would not be considered to other movements which are considered secularists. “If you put on a garb of a religious leader, you can close up the expressway between Lagos and the rest of the nation, simply because you are having a religious celebration. You are just a fraction of the rest of the nation. And you should be accorded no special privileges. So, until that is done, people will always find something extra by belonging and manifesting, even to an extreme extent, your religious adhesions. “Religion has become the number one problem for Nigerians. Hope is all very well; but hope itself can become putrid. Especially if it is hope for unearned advantages in society. If religion becomes an excuse for flouting the law, then that religion has got to be tackled head-on. “If for instance a legislator, later a Governor, can claim the right to be a pedophile and indulge in cross-border child trafficking, celebrating child marriage, consummating that event, which is against the law of a nation, and he says he has a right to do it because his religion permits it; then both he and that religion should just be shown the way to the law courts and treated like other phenomena of society. “If you can use religion to excuse building a church which collapses on the head of humanity, many of them not from Nigeria, several from South Africa. And then you say it was caused by supernatural forces when you know very well that you flouted the conditions for increasing the floors of your building. “So this is what has become the daily reality of Nigerians. So religion has got to be put in its place in order for people to be liberated as rational beings, beings of volition, who can tackle the problems of existence in a rational, collective way, rather than by insisting that it is only along one route that society can be transformed. “Take a religion, practice it at home, collect around you anybody you want for collective celebration or religious seasons, nobody quarrels with that. But when you use religion to subvert the rights of others, to the extent of primordial rights, to kill, not just singling, but collectively, to burn down the places of worship of others; then it is about time we treated religion as a crime against humanity; it’s reached that level in societies like Nigeria.”

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Yes of course, what a lot of people are practicing is religion not service to God

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Religion is tricky. It can prevent us from self love and self confident. Christianity forgets to teach we were created in the image and likeness of God almighty. We can do and undo our future by our present actions and activities. We own our future. Stay empowered and remember to love and belief in the ways of the people that existed and made your identity and ethnicity even before you were born. God is love and love is God

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Aunty mi, you know we have the Nigerian version of the god our “papa” in the lord like Adeboye is talking about.

This Nigerian version is hungry for money, archaic, and hates development.

This Nigerian god can kill if you don’t give him money. He will make you suffer if you don’t give to his pastor agents.

This same Nigerian god need money to survive and to build a building or cathedral he can live in.

Shame on that Nigerian god.

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There must be missing connection somewhere becos God Himself is technology, look at how He (God) technologically beautify the earth and scientifically made human beings in His image. He gave human being wisdom to manufacture cars aircraft, phones etc, so we can't separate God from technology.

These people are making it difficult for sane people to believe in God.

I heard a testimony today told by Pst E A Adeboye about a visa applicant.

The visa applicant was queried at the visa office and she replied " my father said, "visa granted ".

The visa officer then inquired, who is your father? 

The Visa applicant said, Pst Adeboye 

The visa officer had expected to hear the President, a governor or a minister etc 

The visa officer then laughed and called back the visa applicant and gave a 2 year's visa permit.

I am finding this difficult to believe based on many reasons :

1. Visa is not granted based on emotions but procedures. If the applicant has not met the requirements there is nothing the visa officer can do to influence it.

If you are unjustly denied a visa, you can protest for a review of your case.

Atheists get visas without knowing anybody ~ whatever an atheists can enjoy if you enjoy same is not a miracle.

How should visa be what should ordinarily attract a testimony?

The countries you are running to didn't pray and sow seeds to develop.

People worked and pay taxes to develop those countries.

It is only insane, if you pay tithe ,fast and pray only to run to countries that don't do all these things and things are working there

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The Nigeria so called Pastors have turn God to magician.

Some forms of critical thinking is highly required of us instead of continuously allowing this debauchery .

This is just about common sense: before the invasion of Nigeria with the syndrome of "born again " Nigeria was highly prospering. And now that their planting of churches has taken virtually every available space, even converting moribund industries into churches instead of reviving it for the benefit of the people . How reasonable are we, watching ourselves trooping into such venues to go and pray for work , prosperity, breakthrough?

Just imagine if the acres of land occupied by the churches are converted into industrial estate, I know we wouldn't take a great percentage in the poverty index of the world.

Religion complications is now submerging the fate of over 200 millions people, and Africa as a whole ,while the protagonists and their family smiles to the best banks all over the world.

Now the country that was once a great nation, is today almost relied on importation of virtually everything from countries that doesn't have faith in any form of religion! 

Why then the boasting!!

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Seriously I don’t believe that Nigeria have a real God because if they have why we are always getting bad news in Nigeria compare with developed countries

Chief scammer, anyways they have god of Adeboye. Lie lie man.

Things are getting so interesting here..... This is what happen when people are pushed to extreme limit..... 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Religion was never our thing that’s why Africans fail in everything we do! African wake up! The truth dey out shokoto and not inside church. Our African Gods dey vex for us I swear.

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Soyinka should be more important than criminal adeboye.

I totally disagree with the religious leaders in Nigeria. If there is truly God in Nigeria, the situation of things will not be like this. Think about the attitudes of the Government to their citizens. When graduates are roaming about the streets, after 61 years of independence, the Country cannot have a stable electricity, no good roads, no good Schools and last but not the least no good quality of health. When you and the Government officials fall sick, everyone of you will travel abroad for treatment. Please where is God on the land.

This is capitalism but on a local level

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Very true this needs to be addressed from Every facet.

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Religion has done alot of harm in our society today.

HumansLast activity 9 months ago

Of course, it is. We pray more than we work. We just take God as a magician to solve our problems and we don't see beyond that. Religion has blinded us. It's the major problem and hinderance to progress in Nigeria.

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