Photos Of Professor Who Ordered Assault Of Her Female Police Orderly, Police Confirm Her Arrest And That Of Another Culprit.

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Photos Of Professor Who Ordered Assault Of Her Female Police Orderly, Police Confirm Her Arrest And That Of Another Culprit.

The Nigerian police force has confirmed the arrest of a Professor who reportedly ordered the assault of her female Police orderly.

The legal practitioner and human rights activist, Prof. Zainab Duke Abiola, and her domestic staff, comprising the housemaid, Rebecca Enechido, and a male suspect currently at large, caused the grievous assault of a female Police Officer, Inspector Teju Moses.

A statement released by Police Spokesperson Adejobi Olumuyiwa revealed that the Mbaise-born activist grievously assaulted her orderly. In the company of some accomplices on Tuesday, 20th September 2022, at her residence in Garki, Abuja, due to the refusal of the orderly to breach professional ethics by carrying out menial and domestic chores at her house.

Photos Of Professor Who Ordered Assault Of Her Female Police Orderly, Police Confirm Her Arrest And That Of Another Culprit.

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, has directed the express prosecution of the arrested suspects. They are currently in Police custody, as the preliminary investigation shows overwhelming evidence of guilt on the part of the Professor and her domestic staff.

The IGP has equally tasked the investigative team to ensure that the fleeing suspect is arrested and made to face the wrath of the law.

Photos Of Professor Who Ordered Assault Of Her Female Police Orderly, Police Confirm Her Arrest And That Of Another Culprit.

The statement added;

β€œIt is pertinent to clarify that the suspect, Prof. Zainab, who name-drops the IGP, his family members, and other officers in the top hierarchy of the Force, has no acquaintance with the Police in any form as erroneously peddled on social media.

β€œThe Inspector-General of Police similarly ordered the withdrawal of all Police personnel attached to the Professor. Expressed dismay at the fact that an individual who claims to be an advocate for Human Rights could stoop so low to violate the rights of another individual, a police officer tasked with ensuring her protection.”

Photos Of Professor Who Ordered Assault Of Her Female Police Orderly, Police Confirm Her Arrest And That Of Another Culprit.

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Police∘Last activity yesterday

Very very very very good when the system encourages police in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ to be used as senior House Boys and girls...its extremely shameful police πŸš” used as slaves n niaja. Mbaise born Zainab Duke Abiola πŸ™„

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mbaise born does not entail that she is a native of mbaise, but it means that she was born and raised there, may be one of her parents was an officer posted in mbaise for a special duty.

means she has roots in mbaise could be parents or grand parents, so yea could be origin

Police∘Last activity 21 hours ago

We don't have enough police officers to protect lives and properties of the people paying them. You share them amongst yourselves and friends and still be giving them general beating untop. Na una Sabi abeg 😏😏😏

U go know say this kind person na trouble...only u dey bear WAZOBIA....Zainab Duke Abiola.... human rights activists my foot

Police∘Last activity 2 days ago

Precisely what the junior officers are passing through in paramilitary parastatals in Nigeria. They are minimal compared to what their senior officers are doing them, yet they kept mute because of fear of possible sack or query. Junior officers in Nigeria are bullied daily. JUSTICE FOR THEM.

Everything about Nigeria is fake. The same professor who runs an NGO for the protection of human rights abuses is the one calling more hands to join her in abusing the right of somebody!

Imagine then what ordinary maids must have been suffering in her house. You might see maids tied behind her compound or under her bed if you check her home. Please check well and free them.

Human rights activist is just like an acquired title in Nigeria. The compassion is never there. I pray she gets what she deserves.

Who served her malt and water? Police attached to a useless Professor.....UAR united

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Certainly, not everything in Nigeria is fake. However, we must admit that this generation has lost the virtue of honesty that was prevalent in the past. Really sad. May we experience a genuine revival of Godly virtues in Nigeria. Amen

Police∘Last activity 3 days ago

This people called Nigerian Human Right Activists, are not really activists, they just look for a short cut to power corridor, and make their money. Else why committing assault on someone you are supposed to advocate for, in a case of assault hitherto?? 🀷🀷🀷

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The title HRA is just a facade here in Nigeria. I worked with one, very popular on Facebook, I quickly deserted the job at the realisation of the atrocities being committed there

Police∘Last activity 2 days ago

Never accept a one-sided story. The Policewoman might be the assailant. The Nigerian Police has been breaching proficient moralities since Lord lugard, anyway.

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You are right. However, Nigerians (from North to south) are infamous for using people who are not household help to do household chores. For example, the average Nigerian will employ a caregiving or palliative nurse and expect the nurse to be a house help.

Police∘Last activity 2 days ago

Human Rights kΓ©??? Nawah o Prof, you know, even get a common logic to see how ironic your action is! Yeye, professor professing dumbness! πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

If this is Kwara State, isn't this the same woman who had a uniformed officer (male) carrying her bag - or was it her food? Why must madam have a Police orderly?

This woman na yeye professor. So evil a soul. Orderly should be withdrawn from her immediately.

Police∘Last activity 3 days ago

And these are the kind of women that never misses Church service 3 times every week, never wore tight crazy jeans and crop top or twerked in her youthful days, na dem dey quick shout β€œJesus” on any little thing yet most wicked and heartless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not like I support any kind of assault but if reverse was the case, police will deny any form of assault happened!!!!!! Sometimes table needs to turn around so people can feel what others feel!!!!!

Police∘Last activity 3 days ago

They have really rubbished the NPF. Imagine using them for domestic chores. No wonder Mr Macaroni recently did a comedy skit about it. Indeed there's a great lesson from that skit.

She should be well dealt with, and where in police constitution that says a police officer should be attached to a professor???? , IG himself should be quarry,, shame , shame and shame to Nigeria police

Police∘Last activity 2 days ago

Who authorized the "attachment of a police orderly" to the professor in the first place? And for what reason? Mtcheeeeew!!! Fem Fani-Kayode is one person that has been banned from having police orderlies. I heard the maniac used to abuse them too. This idea of attaching a policeman/woman to private individuals, even some government officials, is nonsense. if police must redeem their image, it must start from there. If you need security, hire private bodyguards, not Nigerian police... These foolish big men and women now use the police as a status symbol. Even yahoo boys have police attached to them. This so-called professor is a very useless woman. Thank God the policewoman stood her ground and did not agree to do menial jobs for her. Wicked soul

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