Peter Obi: Fuel Subsidy Is Organized Crime

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Peter Obi: Fuel Subsidy Is Organized Crime

“Subsidy is organised crime,” he said while addressing the audience at the event on Monday in Lagos. “We need an aggressive production of local refining.” “I have allergies to waste,” declared Obi who obviously took a swipe at the government again. He insisted that there was a need for an overhaul of the security architecture in the country, proposing multi-level policing from the federal to the community security system. The LCCI, which has organised the event for the past 16 years, said it was interested in the economic agenda of each of the candidates aspiring to take over the leadership mantle at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

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Peter Obi, if elected President, is likely to remove oil subsidy without first ensuring there is local refining of crude oil and an uninterrupted electric power supply.

Even Buhari had to apply wisdom to reinstate the subsidy, despite that there was no protest from the comatose opposition parties when he removed it.

Obi will prove senseless and eventually drive Nigeria into the same mess he caused Anambra youths who took to drug trafficking to survive the hardship in Peter Obi's Anambra.

That is why I always remind Nigerian youths that Peter Obi has no knowledge of the manifesto of the Labour Party he gatecrashed at the 11th hour so that he could desperately secure a Presidential ticket

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Mumu talk, Buhari applied wisdom to stop what? They told us they removed the subsidy, which increased fuel prices, and we were shocked that the government still subsidizes fuel. No be yahoo be that? Lots like you can keep defending the indefensible. Everybody is better than PO. Keep deceiving yourself. Funny, all this is your supposed intelligent analysis, and you support a handicap to rule Nigeria. Omo go shave your hair.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 days ago

Nigeria urgently needs a turning point. Everybody, including some of Tinubu's close associates and urchins, knows that Tinubu does not represent the future. Unfortunately, Nigeria cannot afford a Tinubu presidency. After eight years of maladministration by Buhari, we cannot waste one more day of our national life on another deadwood. Such a person in charge of the entire nation's resources will build a pipeline from the federal purse to his private pockets. If anything, Tinubu's poor judgment on leadership selections proves his lack of managerial understanding by helping to bring the disaster called Buhari to power. Today he is running away from identifying with Buhari in his campaign for the 2023 presidential election and wants Nigeria to vote APC back to power. Never again!

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