Online Skit Makers Now Use The Name Of Jesus For Jokes, CAN Should Act Immediately

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Recently the name of Jesus, who is known to be the name given to the son of the Highest God according to the Christian religion, has constantly been abused and defiled by skit makers in Nigeria. JESUS is a sacred name and should not be used in any form of skit Making; recently, skit makers who show women indecently dressed also used the name of Jesus as jokes to sell their skit movies. This is not a good thing to behold in a country like Nigeria, which took Christianity as one of its major religions. I, at this moment, call on the notice of the Christian Association of Nigeria to call order all skit makers and every other person who is presently abusing the name of JESUS.

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You don't have to fight for the Lord because we are not terrorists.

You may consider taking legal action if something discriminatory is done to you on the grounds of your faith or to spite your faith; otherwise, leave them.

We should see such a thing as a call to align our ministries with the raison d'être of the Kingdom of God rather than the frivolities and noises we focus on. If those jesters had had the true Gospel in word and deed, they wouldn't have been misbehaving today.


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Made a post on this some months ago. Those who have ears, let them hear!

In the last couple of months, an alarming trend has spread across social media among most Nigerian internet comedians.

This trend is the use of the Lord's names name in vain. If you are a very attentive person, you will notice the voice they include in their videos screaming 'Jesus' all to make the video funnier.

How ignorant can people pretend to be when they know the consequences (that those who do this will die) of their actions but still go ahead to do this without fear?

This comedian will feel hurt emotionally if a friend makes fun of their surname(father's name) in any way and would never tolerate anyone making jest of their precious mother's name. Still, they boldly use the name of the Lord who has given them breath as a thing of comedy all in a bit to make money.

Another thing to note is that even Muslims or any other religion will never try this. Still, those who profess to be Christians go to church on Sundays and have pastors who even pray for them without reprimanding them go ahead to commit this sin boldly.

Well, I am here to remind you and not to judge you because your words have already considered you, and you know the consequences of your spoken words, and it's either you repent from this or be prepared for whatever comes. Shalom.


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You are not serious at all.

True religion and Christianity adherents believed, since time immemorial, that a true God fights for Himself when appropriate, and He has various methods, means, and time to demonstrate His Almighty presence anywhere He chooses.

Please read your Bible very well. When Palestinian people dragged the Ark of God before Dagon in Philistines those days, they knew what happened. Many such stories abound.

There is a story of someone trying to help the Ark from falling from a carriage by touching it when he was not supposed to.

CAN should not be allowed themselves to be dragged into disrepute by falling for your bait, knowing fully well that you are not well-intended power agradisement solely.

Be well advised. Those interested in fighting for their gods should be educated on the need or otherwise.


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Which CAN? The political CAN or CAN of coke or malt.

What has CAN done against a host of shrines and demonic altars parading as churches of Jesus Christ?

The CAN look the other way when Pst Biodun Fatoyinbo was accused of rape, or Apostle Johnson Suleiman was serially accused of ritual adultery.

You only hear CAN when it comes to politics. Yet, the leadership goes behind for contacts and unnecessary waivers, thereby losing respect and dignity to politicians.

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Did Jesus Christ send you to police the actions of others in His Name? 

Where among His many teachings is this indicated? Why are you folks so driven by a need to control others when instead, Jesus Christ commands you to focus all your life and strength on doing only what He has commanded you to do? 

Is this CAN Hisbah-like police for your kind or what? 

 A particular religion would have gone on a skull mining spree because their religious leader's name was mentioned. Nonetheless, Jesus is a common name in Spain and Portugal and is not restricted to Israel, where the religion originated from


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OP, God bless you for this. I have felt this way and hoped for a time to express myself, but you have done it. I hope I'm not guilty of it myself, but I make conscious efforts not to.

We play with the name of God, but when a Muslim uses it in like manner, we cry out. That is why the Muslims have their thread locked, only to be allowed entry through oath-taking because they value the name of their God.

When you feel the urge to use God's name to make a joke, insert your father's or mother's name. If you can do that, you have no regard for your parents and elders.

God's name is holy and should be used in reverence and not mockery. How many Muslims or adherents of other religions do we see making skits and openly cursing the names of their divinities?

Christians, heed this call. It's a grave, a mortal sin, to trivialize the name of God. Those who laugh at such jokes aren't any different. Let's be reverent, and may God come to our aid as we seek to worship him truly.

Udo diri. 

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Christians are not desperate like our brothers in the second religion. If you like to take Jesus' name, eat Chicken that won't move Christians to kill. Christians don't believe in blasphemy.

Do you think Christianity is terrorism that CAN act for every blasphemy? What will you gain by performing? Why not allow God to fight his battle?

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