'On The Election Day, It’s Either You Vote For APCor You Are Dealt With...’ - APC House Of Reps Majority Leader Alhassan Ado Doguwa Threatens

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Whether we agree or not, if Nigerians do not try their best to VOTE OUT the APC, then Bola Ahmed Tinubu will become the next president and rule Nigeria.
Remember how president Buhari came into power? Sheybi the thing shock all of us abi?
Na so e go shock all of us again.
But God forbid anyways. Whosoever God wants, let him win. 🙏
The confidence Tinubu and his party members have about winning 2023 election is something else.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

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nothing like that bros. The end sars protest shock you abi? Let's wait till APC is announced the winner and see what will happen in this country.

End sarz protest didn't shock anybody.
What shock us all was how quick the people who died in the process was forgotten so quickly.
Ofcourse we already know it will be like that.

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Unfortunately na ndi ugwu dem fit intimidate like this. People who know their right know that voting is a RIGHT of every adult individual. No one shld be intimidated to vote for any stupid party🙄🙄😬

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This are the kind of message some northern youth's love hearing our DSS and other securities agencies won't see this one o now na when u talk about bad government na there they will let you know that they have all the means and technology to track you down

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Honestly at this point, it's over. Let's just divide this country so that these nonentities can go their way. This is the height of it all. What nonsense 😢. In a working system, he should be arrested and prosecuted

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This guy should be arrested immediately for this kind of inciting statement if we have government but unfortunately we don't have any government. Really unfortunate

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The most frightening thing is that this message is sinking deeply into the ears of almajiri who doesn’t know anything about good governance

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My Hausa brothers, how do y’all feel been treated less than animals? When y’all have natural resources that can make everyone in the north rich??

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Where is Ben Murray Bruce, FFK, Keyamo ,etc etc? Pls they need to come out and try to explain this threat to Nigerians. We are waiting.

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Na wow for all this people.. make I go carry loan take travel out cus na war this country go be last last 😢

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If my country actually hold people accountable for what they say, this guy would have been removed as a rep

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