Oduduwa Nation Is Getting More Popular. 5 Million Yoruba People Signed Petition To Break Away From Nigeria

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Imagine being proud & gallivanting around because of an identity born out of alien (foreigners) experiments in other to exploit, destroy your dignity as a human & make you destitute for life. Anyways your obidient movement will not save this colonial project. Make una tell piggy vest that.

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Every country in the world was an experiment. There was never a country that had its border the way it is today from its inception, Not the Europeans, Not the Americans, and not the Asians.

Everyone got her border from a foreigner experiment. We have more than 200 tribes in Nigeria. If we divide, we will descend into chaos in dividing the country. We will be separating families and tribes for life. The middle belt will descend into chaos.

If we divide, where will Ilorin go? They have a majorly Yoruba population but an emir as King. Where will they? Won't a problem start from there?

We can change our mode of Government, but dividing the country shouldn't be part of the plan. WE WILL BE CREATING A NEW WHOLE PROBLEM BECAUSE WE WANT TO SOLVE A PROBLEM THAT WASN'T THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

NigeriaLast activity 4 days ago

I hate this stupid "Let's split Naija" with the burning passion of 100000 suns. First, what will we accomplish? What do we gain? Are we doing this to spit in the eyes of people who don't care?

If we split, we create a multitude of Nigeria with Political instability everywhere. Do we kick out other tribes that have bought a property and done business with money?

Do the problems endemic to Nigeria disappear? Bad governance doesn't if the popularity of Tinubu in the stupid southwest is any indication. Stealing doesn't go. Neither does Police Brutality. Don't get me started on the foolishness of starting a new country amid a worldwide recession.

Or do you think Fulanis and Igbos are the only 'evil' people in this country?

Stop running away from problems like fucking ethnocentrist bigoted morons. Let's fix the issues instead.

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People will continue being ethnocentric when we have a fucking civil war that the government refuses to address. You’ve been a country for 60 years and still haven’t figured out a common identity, so people stop voting based on tribal lines. Continue crying while the rest of us with sensibility will redraw this colonial construct.

NigeriaLast activity 7 days ago

Nigeria not dividing, not now nor anytime soon

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Yorubas are the only people holding this country together. Igbos are ready to go. When Yorubas break, then it’s a wrap for this country.

how are Yoruba people holding this country? una go dey yarn dust, nothing is breaking soon! keep your delusions to yaself

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NigeriaLast activity 7 days ago

You people want to create confusion.

Dividing a country like Nigeria will cause mayhem and war. They're stupid, in my opinion. Fighting like children while the ones indeed in control don't give a flying fuck about tribes.

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They don't care about tribe or religion. It's easier to hold bad government accountable when there's ethnic homogeneity. Will yorubas support Tinubu in their oduduwa nation? Biko, let's be guided. 😂😂

Until political ideology becomes the next thing that separates you... humans will always try to separate themselves. Today is ethnicity, tomorrow is class, and after that is political group.

NigeriaLast activity 7 days ago

Most countries around the world are built on ethnic homogeneity. Nigeria does not have that hence its extreme demographic polarization. You got three major tribes constantly fighting for political power. How will your country work if it's like that? Igbo, Yorubas, and Hausa must be dominant in their own space so everyone can have peace. This pan-African delusion is very laughable.

All countries evolved into homogeneity. No government started with one person with the same language. Not China, the USA, the UK, Spain, and no country in Central Europe. All countries evolved, and the people were conquered, and they also conquered.

If the people decide not to share power between themselves and just give power to 3 main tribes and two main religions, they need to call themselves to order and behave accordingly.

Dividing will still cause problems. In this Yoruba land, not all of us are Yorubas. Some are more Yorubas than others. When we divide, we will still want to divide because Ijebu doesn't want to have anything to do with Oyo. Ekiti doesn't want to have anything in Ondo, and Ibadan intends to rule over all because they are the largest. What will you tell the Aworis of Lagos? How will they lead when the Ijebus and Yewas are much more than them?

How will you get Nigerians from the middle belt (Kogi and Benue that the Yoruba Empire ruled over) and bring them into the Oduduwa republic when they live in Arewa's territory?

People drew all Maps as an experiment, and they stuck with it. Stop causing confusion where there is no confusion.

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7 days ago

Pan-Africanism can only work with people that have common economic goals. We need to work together on our terms not in this concentration camp called Nigeria. Ibadan wey Hausa/ Fulani don dey plenty pass Yoruba?

Oduduwa nation ko pepper dem gang ni

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