Nigeria’s Growing Atheist Community

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The atheists of Nigeria are 900 thousand people currently and growing especially as more Nigerians move to the cities and as public security starts cracking down more and more on jihadism and fundamentalist Islam as time passes means Nigeria is going to become increasingly secular as time passes. Thoughts on this trend?

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Keep dreaming . The average Nigerian is religious so it's only God that knows where you got this figure from .

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I feel like the growth is not going to take off like in Kenya or Botswana but will definitely be there as thus far we are like copying western trends in culture, 30 years delayed.

But of course, by we I mostly mean Southern Nigeria. Northern Nigeria and by extension the Northern Islam vs Southern Christian competition will slow down the growth of irreligion in the south as we can see with more solidly non-Muslim African countries like Kenya or Botswana have a more visible or more numerous Atheist "community".

Aside from that, if we Christians are to stem the tide of growing Atheism, we have to look to the history and growth of Atheism in the West and from Alec Ryrie's books on the matter on the history of unbelief we can see that it is pretty closely tied to church hypocrisy, corruption and a simultaneous self flagellation and ignoring of its crimes.

The Nigerian Churches certainly are guilty of the above.

However we do have a more dynamic church system like America which proved more resilient tho not true solutions to the tide of Atheism so I would say the solutions are.

A Church purged of corrupt and sinful staff, wider knowledge of theology and church history among Christians and alternative less Pastor/ecclesiastical hierarchy based church organization, instead more of microchurch and congregational church models.


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You won't blame them though... Our religious leaders are now using religion to cash out... We've a lot of Fake Clerics out there.

That's why it's better to just Read your Bible/Quran and look up to God/Allah always... If you look at the Lifestyle of some of these Clerics, You'll just be discouraged.

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