Nigerian Couples Were Not Allowed To Vote In Lagos Because 'They Look Like Igbos.'

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The couple had a very disappointing experience, and you could hear it in her voice. It's not a good thing that negroids are stereotyping ethnic groups within the race based on physical appearance.

If there's any race in the world that should unite, it's black people who have not rated anywhere apart from Sub-Saharan Africa.

All hands must be on deck to foster national unity. The outcome of the 2023 General Elections is the further division of a hugely diversified country.

As long as you are Nigerian, you have the constitutional right to vote and be voted for anywhere in Nigeria.

I hope my children grow up in a country where they are not discriminated against because of their r/l factor, h factor, cone head, flat head, or yam legs.

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Hmm, I hate violence in every form, but this time around, I have nothing to say because the people supporting Labour Party have never condemned what ipob is doing in the East by killing innocent people. They said charity begins at home, I said it here before, and I am repeating it that sanwo olu will win with a large margin, not because he has performed excellently well but of his prominent opponent who is an ipob sympathizer.

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They asked if they were Yorubas. After confirming they were Yoruba, the thugs still asked who they would vote for.

Most Yorubas will vote for GRV

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See how one man's desperation is about to destroy Nigeria. Tinubu is a disgrace to the human race.

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