Naked Man Spotted At Bet9ja Shop In Kastina

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A viral video of a naked man at a betting shop is making rounds online. Though what led to him losing his clothes is unclear, the naked man was spotted standing next to clothed gamblers.

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Which kind of teaser advertisement is this? How can you give the ladies a cliffhanger like this? My friend, common, will you face your front and finish the assignment?🤩🤩🤩The country's government will not see things like online gambling and ban it, which is worse than mkpurummiri. This has rendered many Nigerian youths useless and will still cause more harm than good in the future. GAMBLING CAN DESTROY YOUR DESTINY. BET WITH CAUTION. 

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That's what his baba/jazz man told him to do, but unfortunately, that's a pile of rubbish because if it works, that baba will never be in a mud house. He will play till infinity. Gambling is terrible stop it! It might result in him owing the shop owner due to visual betting.

Whoever brought this betting to Nigeria is the wrong person. Even oyinbo dey commit suicide because of this betting, talk less of Naija


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Omo see a serious student as them concentrate ............ Even make that guy's head miss from his head ; ko kan aye . I been think say na only me Sportsbet dey carry trabaye ; I no know say him done move some people reach far and beyond! Gambling addict. He probably gambled away his clothes 😂😂😂 Or He's following the instructions of his Babalawo. When will people ever learn that gambling is not a game of chance? Is it the greatest scam ever created? The odds are always against the player. No matter how smart you may think you are, the house always win

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Haha, Some phony jazzmen( all are fake anyway) decided to punish this guy. The rite was for him to cast his bet naked. Like those around there, no him as a regular coming there naked. No one ever got a stable income from betting. 

The greed inherent in humans makes it so. I recall a time I lost my job. I did not panic because I thought I was a brilliant ability to predict myself and match it with other pundits. I started with a capital of a hundred thousand. I did football bet every day with the determination I could survive on the extras till I found a new job. After a month of winning and losing, I was lucky to have gained only about 1 350 nairas by the end of the month when I audited my account. 

I was doing ₦10 k 5k, 2 k with minimal odds, different leagues, and tried all permutations. And I was betting three times, sometimes four times a day. I win, use the same money, put it back in another bet, win or lose, etc. I immediately stopped betting since then. and about two months later got a fantastic job by Lagos standard. I was happy I had quit and gotten over betting before the job because I may end up using my salary and sink myself into a dark hole. 

Anyone who wins a bet that greed in man will be invoked. You will want to try again. you win the next three bets. Then you dare to risk all to double the money, na that time you will now lose all the fucking money, by then you become an addict and can't stop except by grace. You can not bypass the laws of the universe to get wealth; You have to work for it. 

Be positive and persistent, and go through the lows and the highs. We have seen wealthy people who got rich decide to lay back. Before they know it, the wealth is gone. tyson, celestine babayaro, and many others. Even people like otedola or Dangote, whether they were favored or looted funds, if they don't work hard, very hard, the wealth will disappear. We can see DJ cuppy going to school to develop herself despite daddy's wealth. Even adenuga sons had to go through the rigors of working for his dad to earn his deserved income. Omo e b like say I high with all this epistle

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Madness. Mugu.Dem don give am assignment but trust bet9ja because no go still works. I say na only my papa wey dey normal in this lagos because him don die, he didn’t see Buhari government 😂🤣 that’s why he average take die

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