My Wife's Aunty Wants To Destroy My Marriage!

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Good day, Pls help me with ur advice , i know u wont be shy to tell me if am wrong. I got married to my dream wife, she lived with a relative for 18yrs who she also called mummy, she have a biological mother, who saw her through school (university level) though she was living with this Aunty. Problem started when i came to marry her , the Aunty was hostile, she kept coming up with issue to paint me bad. I was repeatedly called to come and explain irrelevant provocative issues sure as why i travelled to inform my wife biological mother of my wedding plans. After the bride price payment and rites duly performed, She still made me perform an additional party which she called a traditional marriage outing party in her compound. All these i did for peace sake. No one including family members, husband children or even my wife ,dear opposes her to caution her ..In all these my wife kept on saying *she stayed with her for 18yrs.* Worst of all u latter gathered from friends that this said Aunty was laying curses on us during the marriage, that the marriage will fail and my wife will return to her with tales of martial wows. Then she warned me to stop calling her mummy. In all these my wife was always in tears through the honeymoon. I ignored just becos i knew after the marriage things will change. This Aunty feed my wife with all forms of manipulative desires to set us up. and even requesting feedbacks from her in some case, words here are not enough to explain all. To my surprise two yrs into the marriage this said Aunty and her children are still key important figures in my wife live, they have access to her and my home at will, somethings they plan visits when am at work. Each of there visits leave us in weeks of quarrels . now its me my wife blames. Friends what do i do now, my wife insists that because of 18yrs of living with them so i should let go and pretend nothing ever went wrong. Pls advise me.

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Give her a strict instruction about her aunty, tell her not to go there without ur permission and anytime she breaks that rule, do not talk to her for sometime tell her to go and talk to her aunty, u will see that she will come begging cos it's attention ladies needs the most, looking at the story carefully, it seems her aunty does not even want her to get married at all and I'm not sure u are the problem here.. I have ur wife to blame in all of these, what I've learnt about marriage is that marriage is for two people, not for three.. she should have set a barrier immediately she got married if she's matured enough to get married.. so what if she lived with her for 18yrs, she would not be the first person to live with someone siince her childhood mehn!

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marriage is for two people. Some people just don't understand that it is for two people.

Change location.. that's the only way to terminate the bond,and ask your wife is she is willing to build her family or still want to be with aunty, because even if you travel far,they can still be communicating,but if your wife doesn't need it,once she calls to ask questions she should shun her,let her know she now have her own family to build by so doing the aunty will respect herself

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I didn't get your question.

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This your story ehn.. e dey pain brain.

If I got you right, you want your wife to disconnect from her aunty?

Well, it will be very difficult because like you said, she was with her for 18yrs. That's a long time to form an unbreakable bond, that's why she can't detach her self easily from her.

I'll advise you relocate to a place they'll not be able to access your house easily. That's the only thing I think can put a stop to all these.

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1. Move your family far away from them (the aunty and her children) so they will no longer have access to you or to visit you.


2. Be a man and take control of your home and family. They see you as a mumu they can treat anyhow but you can put a stop to all that.

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You cannot please a soul who refuses to be pleased. Embrace the label she has already put on you and show your wife who calls the shots. The day she establishes any form of contact with them against your instruction, leave the house for her till they all kneel before you. Stupid inlaws!

Also you cannot be a gentleman in all situation

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Just move yourself and your wife far away from them, please just change location when your house rent is due. And if you own your house try to change your wife availability by making sure she is doing business that will always makes her unavailable. Peace of mind is the goal.

If you try moving away from them(the aunty)and your wife doesn't agree...tell her to go and marry them

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Pray to God.

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Warn her to stop it. Challenge her and make sure she knows her stand.

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Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to a woman to become one

If your wife is not ready to go.

She can go back to her aunt

Sometimes we see red flag at early stages but we let stupid love to blind our eyes and refusing to ask ourselves on HOW LONG CAN I BE TOLERANT.

I pray it's ends well for u guys

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You did not marry the aunty tell her straight away that she should leave your home alone,if you do not warn her she will cause more problems for you.

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To avoid stories that touches the heart , do the necessary things to save your marriage .

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