Moving To Germany. What Is Life Like For A Nigerian Who Migrated There?

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Aren't these red flags as regards traveling over there, especially with the hope that when i get there, after 2-3 years, I would bring in my family.

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It depends. Just be careful

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Let's hope that it's all good

NigeriaLast activity one year ago

There's nobody that I know (in Germany) that's is not doing well. I know 3 people and they're doing perfectly fine.

You don't expect someone that went there through an illegal route to be doing well because he won't have the papers to hustle.

You don't expect someone that could not tell the in demand skills or knowledge and go for it, to be doing well.

You don't expect someone that is doing menial jobs, paying bills and other things to be sending money to you in Nigeria because they don't pick money overseas. He has a family to take care of too so stop being a burden to him.

You don't expect someone that went there and got carried away with the enjoyment - good system, freedom and quality of life to make money, save more and invest.

There are people making millions and yet they can't account for it but there are people making thousands and they have investments, no debts, and are living comfortably.

Every mallam with him own kettle.

If you want to go over there, just ensure that you're going through the right route and then go for skills/education that are in demand. Abroad isn't Nigeria. Most technical skills, health related professions and handworks pay more because their citizens don't stress themselves with such. They (majority) prefer easy jobs like customer service, office admin, supply chain management, bank teller, restaurant manager, HR, executive assistant, business administration, etc. So, don't expect to get such jobs when there are many locals to do them. Racism aside, employers will prefer locals to do that over you.

My brother, in abroad, a cent is valued. No money is small over there unless you become very well to do with. If you're not financially disciplined, you won't have anything to show for your many years of working and living there. Avoid strip clubs and going out. There are a lot there in Europe.

Most of those people abroad live average life, which is quality too. They earn well, eat well, have good healthcare and enjoy a working system. The key thing is to make enough money in hard currency and do great things in Nigeria, which makes you a rich man in Nigeria.

Also, if you're planning to go and stay with your friend over there, be ready to have your own cash cos he won't be paying house rent, water bills, internet and electricity bills for you. You guys will be sharing it.

There's gold in Germany and some good countries too but know what you're going there for. Don't go there with the mindset of just doing small jobs that will pay you €8 or 12 euros per hour because it seems a big money when converted to naira. Have a skill or go for an in-demand skill or course that will set you up for life. Aim big! Be black. Very black! And they will love you for it.

Remember, make the money there, save and invest.

NigeriaLast activity one year ago

It all depends on your motive for travelling and also the legality of your sojourn there. You might get there and regret not using that wasted funds for traveling to set up something in Lagos.

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It seems like some of our people who travelled to Germany aren't doing so well after all (I stand to be corrected, though!) I have a friend over there whom I am preparing to go visit on my trip to Germany. This guy has been there since 2017. He hardly calls me on normal call. He would rather call on WhatsApp. Reason being so that he could only afford to call through WhatsApp. The first and only time I asked him to send me something, he told me pointblank he didn't have.

Just this afternoon, I heard a colleague's father just came back to Nigeria from there after 21 solid years! He had abandoned his wife and children here in Nigeria. If he was doing so well over there, would he not have arranged for his family to come over and stay with him - at least?

I have been worried, even before I heard this colleague's father thing. I don't know what I am going to meet at the friend's place. I don't know what life is like over there - how to cope in a non-English speaking environment. I don't know how long it's going to take me to make it over there and reconnect with my family. This news about my colleague's dad also increased my worries. 

Hopefully you will find a better answer.

NigeriaLast activity one year ago

Well my candid advice is this.

if you are not certain of what you are going there to do better stay in your own country. This is 2021, I believe if you have money to travel out in 2021, you can as well use that money to set yourself up in Nigeria. Opportunities are popping up left and right like crazy. There's actually a visible middle class that is emerging. Demands for the most stupid things are high. I know someone that returned to Nigeria this year from the United States after 12 years there to open an healthy smoothie shore. Yes ehh I mean smoothie ice-cream. She is already thinking of opening two more locations in Lagos and one in Abuja because a bank liked her idea and decided to fund her. Some are making it right there in Germany while others are not. So it will all begin with the purpose for travelling. Are you travelling with just a hope of making it or do you have a concrete reason for travelling?

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Rich Germans buy houses and move to cheaper european countries. That country is expensive abeg. Its expensive to call on phone. You have to manage Whats App, Skype etc calls. Yes I was there for a month. If you can do their apprenticeship or get a qualification, it will be nice for you. They value their qualification and the language. Look for a good skill and get training and learn the language. Solar and Tech is the future there.

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