Lady Narrates How A Woman Got Into Trouble After A Co-passenger Child She Carried Died.

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A Nigerian lady has narrated how a woman got into trouble after a co-passenger child she carried died. 

Lady Narrates How A Woman Got Into Trouble After A Co-passenger Child She Carried Died.


@shesamale said the child's mother begged the co-passenger to carry the child, but while alighting from the bus, the child fell and died. 

The co-passenger was beaten afterward as the child's mother reportedly claimed the lady did something to her child and should be held responsible. 

She tweeted; 

One time, a woman pleaded with me to help lap one of her kids cos we were to alight at the same b/stop and I refused, she asked another woman and she agreed(even eyeing me, sort of). Long story short, we all got down from the bus, and the child, the woman, helped with fell and died.

I was so scared, like the kid was lying there lifeless and for no reason,omo they held the woman o(the one that helped), and she was beaten so bad, the mother claimed she did something to her child, and she was going to hold her responsible.

Omo since that day,in fact carry five kids I can never help you o, if you like say I'm wicked i agree, cos that woman prolly helped innocently and see what left a kind of trauma for me cl

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WomenLast activity 2 months ago

 Even going out and returning safely is a matter of God's mercy. So you will not carry children inside the bus again, but how many other careful do you want to care about? We can be cautious, of course. That is why God gave us a brain, but know that even that careful is by God's mercy. Unless He builds and watches, all build and watch in vain.

We live by God's grace alone. Owning a restaurant and one careless ingredients supplier can cause you to poison all your customers to death in one day. Owning a school and one negligent contractor that cut corners to build a classroom block can put you in trouble should the building collapse. Even visiting your boyfriend can be wahala. One of my friends had his girlfriend over at his house. She collapsed and died as she opened the fridge. How do you want to explain that to the police?

WomenLast activity 2 months ago

This story no clear. It is a lie ma.

But on a serious note, People should bear the number of children they can carry. If this one na true, then This one shock me oh…. Me when sabi carry people children for bus and even buy things for them… he don end oh

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Agbaya.. why you self go dey carry people pikin? Erudite ritual skullers

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