Kidnap Kingpin, Nicknamed Lion, From Bayelsa, Begs For Mercy As He's Arrested After Being Traced To Abuja.

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The suspect was popular for showing off money online before his arrest.

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That name is typical among Bayelsans. I never stop wondering why anyone will name his son after a beast. Is this his apparent behavior not unusual from that of worthy human beings? Smh.

See how he dey cry like small pikin. Release him, and he will continue kidnapping.

He should be taught a sweet lesson. Social Media show-offs should stop making the youths see themselves as failures... Not all glitters are gold.

Keep on with your legit, and gradually, you get there.

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This arrest is the benchmark and well-deserved end for everyone who seeks to reap from where they haven't planted or cut corners to get wealthy. Humiliation and guilt will always be their portion, including our evil politicians.

The baboon isn't crying because he regrets or is genuinely sorry for his actions, but because he got captured and disgraced.

Idiotic youths wey no crawl before dem begin to run.

You can imagine how many guiltless and honest hustlers this idiot go don use him fake like and display of obscene blood money sends on the "depression" lane. Not to talk of girlfriends, daughters, and future wives wey he go don scatter.

Foolish big for nothing lazy demon.


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According to this video, he is only a suspect and was fingered as a kidnapper, not that he was caught red-handed. Even though he claims to have kidnapped only two people, the Nigerian police might have tortured him into saying so. There should be an investigation. I presume him innocent until otherwise after a thorough investigation.

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This is small to what's going on on Facebook. Go to the gistlover page and see the lives of the so-called big boys in Lagos. They make legit guys look like they don't come to this world to do good. I wonder what will happen to Nigeria if Tinubu is voted president.

When I watch evil Nigerians being too proud of their riches and fame, I feel bad that we do not have a sound system that holds them accountable for their misdeeds.

The way they are humble when caught up will tell you we need good leadership, including politicians o. Forget all this bragging.

God, please give us Obi. Let's know if all these fkups can reduce.

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Please he should be an example to others… he’s there begging 🙏 and they have no pity… just like a girl who was been kidnapped… they had her eyes plucked out and her breast, p!say and tongue cut out… someone who was still breathing got slaughtered in a painful way that no one could bear… See where your kurukeré hustle don land you. You want join the big boys by all means and your size come confuse you say you belong there, abi? Repent, do the right thing and follow Jesus Christ life style.

That's the thing. The effrontery to flaunt I'll gotten wealth online. 😢 people now go to extreme means to make money only to impress people whom they don't know and who obviously don't care about them.For those who always shout God when how market? Una go see person Dey show money online Una go Dey shout God when hmmm anyways he don enjoy the money make him go enjoy for prison too.

He get babes oo 😂😂😂. They will claim yahoo boy. Means there’s a lot of people u think are doing yahoo that u are comfortable with but are doing something else .

But why are they not also using this tactics to track down those fulani kidnappers that do burst prisons, and also massive kidnapp school girls and Abuja train victims??? Am not in support of kidnapping in anyway, its an evil act, but all should be fished out with same intensity.

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Begging for mercy when you don’t have mercy on your victims 😢😢 God is indeed patient. why are you crying 😂😂😂 when you were doing the job you were smiling and laughing.

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many Nigerian girls / women have spent monies derived from rituals and kidnapping... many of you are the reason why these men do dirty businesses... all the unnecessary billings!!!

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The love of money is the root of all evil. Guys like this will thank his god on his post and the feeble will say "I tap into your grace." 😂😂😂😂

The evil you are doing to make money is not enough ooo you still have mind to come online to oppress those that have legit work hence making them look as if they aren’t doing enough

Now you are begging for mercy

Nobody fit pressure me here ooo 😂😂😂 they never born that person na so nkechi and felagan use love flower dey deceive us here i was even thinking my own marriage na scam😂😂 not until everything expose🤣🤣🤣🤣

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“My wife just born”

Each time I hear them say this, to bite someone de hungry me. So all those human beings wey you take do your business, no be mama born dem. Na ram wey dem provide for you to do sacrifice to make money?


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I saw this guy flaunting money with some beanies on social media. Women, na him make them they die like a foul.

What's wrong with this generation? You are a lawbreaker, and you go on social media to flaunt money and trick citizens working legitimately to make decent incomes, making them feel lazy with their lives. I hope people learn from this that 98% of social media life is not authentic.

Idiot. Wasted. You are doing a lousy job kidnapping and flaunting wealth on social media. This one na Zombie, you will never taste freedom again even if you survive the death penalty.

What a foolish man, flaunting money on social media from kidnapped proceeds. What a human being. You are as good as dead.

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This one nogo lie body pain ooo, they never even beat'am, him don dey confess, call him members name, with a very fresh body with no wounds or blood😩he don confess finish without anyone touching him😂

😂😂 no peace for the wicked. U Dey kidnap innocent people and u get the stupid mind to Dey post the money u get from the devilish business. Life in prison he deserves.

He saying "only two" like that's not more than enough. People are wicked in this world. See him in tears now. God knows how many times he has ignored the tears of his victims.

Everyday for the thief, one day for the owners. You've done the crime, go and do the time.

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