Japa - 507 Doctors Left Nigeria For The UK In 2 Years - NMA

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Japa - 507 Doctors Left Nigeria For The UK In 2 Years - NMA

Lagos state chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association has disclosed that 507 doctors left the South-West state in the last two years for the UK.

The association’s Chairman, Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu, who called on the federal and state governments to address the problem of brain drain in the health sector during an interview with Punch, said medicine might go into extinction in the country if the problem persists and is not treated as an emergency.

Olowojebutu said; 

“There is a massive challenge about brain drain. I have said several times that we must be very deliberate about tackling this.

“There is a pull and push syndrome affecting doctors leaving Lagos State. Last month alone, we had over 100 doctors who left Nigeria for the UK, and about 80 were from Lagos State.

“During the COVID-19 in 2020, 81 doctors moved from Lagos to the UK. They had a particular plane that came to carry them from the UK. Between March 2020 and October 2022, we lost 507 doctors from Lagos State alone to the UK.

“The nation must address brain drain as an emergency. Who is handling it? It’s only the doctors that have been talking about it. Which government has come out to talk about it?

“So, for us in Lagos State, it is essential as a nation to address this push and pull syndrome. What are we doing as a nation? There has to be an emergency to sort it out.

“We must be deliberate because if we don’t, medicine will become extinct.

“Before, we used to have young doctors traveling abroad for greener pastures but now, even the consultants that train the young doctors are leaving the country.

“There is a lot of shortage of doctors in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State. Some places don’t have specialties anymore because the specialists have left the country at this time.

“So, it is essential as a nation that we address this thing wholesomely, the welfare of doctors and their salaries.

“We hope the government will sit down and look at this as an emergency and solve the problem.”

507 Lagos doctors arrive UK in two years - NMA

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NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Den never know anything. Even native doctors (elewe omo, alagbo) will soon leave. Then we will be left with witch doctors, and you know all those that appear and disappear (Abija, Alapini, Iya Oshogbo etc.). It is then we will know who still dey Nigeria. Nonsense government

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

U can't blame them.

Every sensible human being in this country will soon leave, especially if Tinubu or Atiku wins. We are the few ones left.


2 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Labour minister ngige said we would soon be exporting doctors. He is right! What APC can not destroy does not exist. I am yoruba man, infact egba. How on earth will my conscience vote for Tinubu bcos I am Yoruba, someone who has done his bits but needs our sympathy and love to enjoy his old age?

Can't we see that he is becoming senile? Sycophants want to kill him because of what they will steal. The North is setting a trap, a payback for what happened to Yaradua, and tribalism is making some elite fall for it.

Tinubu, a president? He would face his health, and Fulani will be in charge, a northern 8years of more brain drain or brain dead. The heart of this fragile nation should not be broken over morsels. Posterity will ask: Eniola, saheed, Bimbo Akinola, especially the most revered joke silva, is she not the one ruling her home for now and supporting her husband in his trying times?

How come she wants someone in that state of mind to rule 200m people? She keeps the man away yet selling same to the destinies of millions. Wickedness has a black face!!!

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